Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Q & A, This a good reason to Join today

 Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Q & A, jobsover50.ca

 Premium  members of Wealthy Affiliate Q & A, This is a good reason to Join today.

 This page and it’s subsequent posts are dedicated to Questions and answers that I asked My fellow Premium  Members.

These Are the Question I asked everyone.
1* Have you ever been scammed online?(before you started your Website or since.)
2* How do you avoid online scams?
3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let’s assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed?
4*How long have you personally been using the internet?
5*How many websites have you built with Wealthy Affiliate?
6*Would you recommend them to your friends and business associates?
7*How do you bring traffic to your websites?
My first Q&A is with  a Gentleman and fellow internet Entrepreneur
Shawn Martin
1. I have never been scammed per say online simply because I used to work with AOL back in the late 90’s and learned from the pros what to watch out for.
I have been ripped off on the net.2. I just follow some simple rules to avoid scams.First I do not put any stock into any claims that someone is going to give me a deal that is unbelievable because they will not.Everyone is out for some return, even us white hat marketers want results.

I also do not give any weight to anyone who claims they are going to make me rich or really any amount of money. I belive a person when they tell me they will give ME the potential to make myself rich, but they are not going to give me that great secret that will make me rich and successful.

I also do not click on any links or give out any personal information through email.

Can I still be scammed, you bet and we can.

I tell all beginners is it is too good to be true, run for the hills, LOL

I started using the internet around 1997 (Remember dial-up, uggghhh! )

I have to date built about 20 or so websites with WA

I would recommend WA to anyone who is serious about working online an affiliate. This place works, but you need to do the work and follow the training.

Most of my traffic is coming from good low-hanging fruit long tail keywords right now, as I find they can rank fast as long.

Social sharing is also essential and I have been building up a huge personal following on the top 4 networks.

Next interview is grampamike.
Welcome grampamike1* Have you ever been scammed online? (before you started your Website or since.)Yes, I have been scammed. I bought into an MLM scheme selling an overpriced exotic dietary supplement. I got suspicious and found the same product being sold a lot cheaper.I have purchased how-to manuals from Internet marketing gurus for $500.00 on up which was a waste of money. I found the same information at Amazon at around $15.00 per book.I stumbled into a view offers and products scheme too.
Dan-L: I will bet that happens a lot online these days with prices of everything skyrocketing people trying to make a fast buck off of other people’s inexperience  trying to make money on the internet. MLM’s are great for targeting people using the big dream method to hook you into selling their products that are usually overpriced and of average quality.
2* How do you avoid online scams?I don’t pay attention to the “experts.” I do my own online research. I buy books through Amazon instead of falling for gimmicks online promising the holy grail of knowledge or how to get wealthy online.I do use Google searches, but I screen sites for free information without buying anything.


Dan-L: You bet, there is a plethora of free information online at any given time it is just a matter of sorting out the good from the garbage and there is a lot of garbage. You can get some free ebooks from Amazon to sell on your websites from what I have seen in my research.3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let’s assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed?

1 – Don’t trust everyone online. Automatically assume any new website you are viewing is not honest until they prove themselves.

2 – There is no such thing as an easy way to get rich running your own online business. Don’t believe anyone who says there is.

3 – If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS.

4-Keep your email private until you know a website is legitimate. Avoid pop-up windows that ask for your email address right away.

5- Do a Google search on the business.

4*How long have you personally been using the internet?

I first began selling personal computers in 1978.

I began using computers for business purposes related to my therapy private practice and doing work online in 1995.

I established my first Internet-based business to make money online in 2004.

5*How many websites have you built with Wealthy Affiliate?

Actually, I didn’t come to build websites at Wealthy Affiliate.

I came for the training and tutorials.

I began site building on WA long after going through the training.

I now operate 4 sites using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

6*Would you recommend them to your friends and business associates?

For the training, knowledge, and support, my answer is yes, especially for someone just starting out.

I like how supportive the members of Wealthy Affiliate are.

7* How do you bring traffic to your website

Wealthy Affiliate is very good a coaching you on how to bring traffic to your website. I especially like the training on the use social media.

Thank you, Mike, for your honest answers.

Wealthy Affiliate premium members Q&A, jobsover50.ca


My next Q&A is A Premium Member A lovely Lady Who goes by the name of Booklover2. Welcome Booklover2

1* Have you ever been scammed online?(before you started your Website or since.)
yes, I have been scammed online before, I joined the Crazy Cash Club for free until I made my first $1200.00 A year later I haven’t seen a dime yet!

Dan-L: I have looked into Crazy Cash Club The front page looks like a copy and paste Nightmare. On the front page they are asking for $money$ You know it’s a scam when they ask for $Money right away before they give you any information on the program that they offer to the prospective franchisee.
2* How do you avoid online scams?

I do alot of research and check for scams through places like snopes.com first.

Dan-L: I use snopes on a regular basis and always look for reviews online from other scam researchers.

3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let’s assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed?

I like to stick with the old time favorite saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”…..always double and triple check everything out before giving anybody any money.
4*How long have you personally been using the internet?
I have been using the internet for 4 or 5 yrs. now!

5*How many websites have you built with Wealthy Affiliate?
I have only built one website with Wealthy Affiliate because there is so much information available that I’m constantly learning new ways to improve my one website.

Dan-L: I agree with you building a website is an evolving process never ending and always learning new ways to improve our web building skills.

6*Would you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to your friends and business associates?
Yes, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate every chance I get! They are just amazing with all the help you get through community members!

7*How do you bring traffic to your websites?
Mostly through social media sharing and word of mouth.

Dan-L: Yes social media is very important in driving traffic to your website. Google even indexes the pages of Wealthy Affiliate and it has a very large social media component built in and that can help your SEO on the search engines.

Thank you Booklover2 for your time and your answers.

Wealthy Affiliate premium members Q&A, jobsover50.ca

Up next is Sheila Dane she is also a biker and a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.
1* Have you ever been scammed online?(before you started your Website or since.)
Yes, I am sorry to say, many times.                                                                                  Dan-L: Well now that you have spent some time on my website and others like it I am positive that will never happen again!

2* How do you avoid online scams?
First, I avoid anything that with glitzy videos of people in mansions driving pretty cars and flying in fancy jets who sell packages that are you don’t know what. They look sexy, but you have no idea what you are buying. Stay far away from those. You will never get rich quick, no matter what anyone promises you.
Next avoid any site that promises wealth in six weeks. They are lying to you. No one can make that promise to you and keep it.

Avoid sites that have a lot of upsells, that is after you make the initial purchase they keep trying to sell you extra thing after extra thing. They are gimmicks to get your money. I once signed up with a program that had a $10,000 program as an ultimate upsell for their premium program. And one other one that had a $20,000 program as an upsell. It’s ridiculous.

Avoid pyramid schemes, where you are selling an item to a person who then sells the same item to another person who then sells the item to another person and so on. You get a small cut of what the person you sold the item to paid, and so on down the line. Basically the big wigs at the top get rich and the little guys at the bottom don’t make very much and it is pretty much a morally bankrupt business.

3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let’s assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed?
If it promises you what seems to good to be true, then it probably is a scam. If it doesn’t let you get your money back, don’t do it. Check out the reviews of the product. Check out Scam sites, they are invaluable in helping root out scams. See what other people have to say about your site. Do your research before you plop your money down.

4*How long have you personally been using the internet?
8-9 years

5*How many websites have you built with Wealthy Affiliate?
I am working on my first website with Wealthy Affiliate.

6*Would you recommend them to your friends and business associates?
I would do so in a heartbeat.

7*How do you bring traffic to your websites?
Write a lot of blogs, write a lot of pages write articles, make a Facebook and Google + page for my website, which I did. Add Twitter to my website, which I did. I am going to add Pinterest as I have an awesome Pinterest site. There are still things I have to learn to do. I am going to make a video for YouTube. etc,etc,etc.

Thank you, Sheila, Your answers are appreciated and your suggestions are very good I will take them and pass them along to others who ask about website building and traffic options.

 Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Q & A,

Deidre Salcido is a Premium Member and my next guest, short but sweet answers
1* Have you ever been scammed online?(before you started your Website or since.) Oh yes, plenty of times before WA!
2* How do you avoid online scams? I research everything I can get my hands on…lol!
3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let’s assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed?
Just to research and research again…
4*How long have you personally been using the internet? Probably about 20 years…
5*How many websites have you built with Wealthy Affiliate?
 6*Would you recommend them to your friends and business associates?

Thank you for the straight forward and to the point answers.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Q & A

Now a lady I have learned a lot from within the Wealthy Affiliate community and a Premium Member.

Loes Knetsch

1* Have you ever been scammed online?(before you started your Website or since.)I have done very stupid things online, not really scammed, but let me in with programs I really did not understand. And had a lot of problems to get rid of them afterward. It has cost me a couple of bucks, but not so much I could not sleep anymore. Per example, I bought some credit to an auction site, stayed up all night bidding on that particular phone, at last, run out of money, put some more in my account, and guess what, they postpone the auction….
I can not say I know a lot about online actions, but it sounds like you got scammed that time.
2* How do you avoid online scams?Don’t have to anymore, I stopped searching for opportunities after I found Wealthy Affiliate
3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let’s assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed?Don’t pay for anything until you really investigated the opportunity if it is worthwhile
4*How long have you personally been using the internet?Since 1996
5*How many websites have you built with Wealthy Affiliate?I have build 5 websites
 6*Would you recommend them to your friends and business associates?As you can see on top, with every email, my websites are traveling automatic to friends, family, but also to energy companies, high schools of my children etc.etc.
7*How do you bring traffic to your websites?I have Narrow.io activated, and gain about 25 new Twitter followers a day, I send them all a valuable link for them and they almost all visit my website and retweet the link 🙂 http://workathomefuture.com/cool-amazing-free-website-tools.

Thank you, Loes you are a great friend and teacher.

 Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Q & A,

Premium Member Mark who goes by the nickname of Gosparky Gave me some short answers to my questions.

1* Have you ever been scammed online?(before you started your Website or since.)- Yes, I have. On more than one occasion.Dan-L: I know I have been as well and every time I see something that looks too good to be true,
I do some research and find a review or something like that to verify the program i am looking into.
2* How do you avoid online scams?- Now I do the due intelligence and research every program.
3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let’s assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed?- Again due your due diligence. Research every opportunity you are interested in.Go on the forums and see what other people are saying.
4*How long have you personally been using the internet?I’ve been using the internet for about 15years now.
5*How many websites have you built with Wealthy Affiliate?I’ve just bought my 4th domain. But only two are anything like

6*Would you recommend them to your friends and business associates?- Without a moment’s hesitation.

7*How do you bring traffic to your websites?

– Mainly through organic. That is a gray area for me and one I need to work on.

Thank you, Mark, for the short interview.

 Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Q & A, jobsover50.ca


39 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Q & A, This a good reason to Join today”

  1. Hi Dan!
    Some very good insights about the processes we go through when trying to find a good online opportunity. I can’t say I ever got scammed , but I did buy into some cheap $10.00-$35.00 opportunities some years back. Needless to say they were junk, so maybe I did get scammed after all! I kept seeing WA whenever I went looking, and once I realized what it was all about, I knew I had found the place to be! Great Article!


  2. Hi Dan, great to read my own reactions here on your website, I am quite convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is a golden opportunity for everyone who wants to be successful educated into a professional internet marketer. The lessons are presented by Kyle Loudoun in easy to understand step-by-step video classes. I have even met a thirteen year old successful WA member, but also successful members who are in their 70th. So whoever is reading this, give it a GO! And look me up over there 🙂 Loes (there is only one of me:)

    1. Hello Loes, Thanks for dropping by. I have used a few of your tips from your website and I hope that my tips can help you as well as the thousands of others that visit my website every week. If it were not for Wealthy Affiliate I would not have the visits from all over the world.

  3. Hi Dan

    Extremely good website and article on being scammed. I paid money I could ill afford for some of these “get rich quick scams” but, luckily, found WA.

    Keep up the good work.



    1. Hello, Lucinda. Thank you for your kind words. When i get information from my sorses i try to get it out to my readers as fast as i can. Wealthy Affiliate will never scam people it is a place to learn how to build websites step by step. It is free in the first week but if you have a passion for a niche you will want to be a premium member to take advantage of all the BONUSES.

    1. Thanks, Sammi. I try to do my best to inform and educate people. When it comes to online education and courses Wealthy Affiliate is the best I have seen to date. There are a lot of scams out there and I am just trying to help people avoid some of the bad scams I have come across. Getting people to read my posts is the most rewarding especially when they leave a comment like you have done for me in this thread.

  4. Very informative website, great “real” comments taken from the WA site and obviously natural questions someone would ask when wondering if a site is realistic! Although easy to read, I found it a little blocked up – may be more spaces to open up the conversations more… otherwise really informative Dan!


    1. Thank you for the Comment. I have found my Theme jams my words and sentences together I just can’t seem to fix it. I may have to change my theme again to something more friendly. Do you have a suggestion for a website theme that i can use?

  5. Dan,
    Nice way to interview your guest. Looks as though the Wealthy Affiliate Premium members are very satisfied with the product that is available there. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate has the best detailed training in sequence that I have seen. If you follow the training in order you will do things that are most important to your online business in order.

    1. Thank you, John. I am always happy to help every one that coes to my Website weather from natural traffic or from Wealthy Affiliate members. I am going to Add this little blog piece to this comment if you dont mind, its about getting your work done here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      If You are just a relative newbie still, I spent 5 to 6 hours a night for months learning this stuff after my full-time job 8 hours a day. You Can’t rush it. You will get tired and frustrated, but you will make it through. To all the new people out there reading this DON”T GIVE UP. I am still in the Bootcamp Course 4. Also made it to #1 and many of my pages are top 6 and higher. I didn’t think that WA would work. The training that Kyle provides works. So put your nose to the grind get off the chat rooms and facebook get your training done. I don’t want to look mean but if you are going to spend the money and time, GET AT IT and go after it. I am tired of trying to help the new people that don’t even start training before they come to the chat room asking for help without a clue. Do the training people that is what Wealthy Affiliate is here for.

      YOU WILL GET TO #1. My advise work website #1 until it gets to #1

  6. Hello, you have a very interesting website layout. I am just too used to the standard view. It makes a nice change.

    Right at the start it is great that you get me thinking by asking me questions, I like that. In question 2 about doing your own research to ovoid getting scammed, I think that is the MOST important rule of all. I think that 99% all people that get scammed are people who didn’t do their due diligence.

    And I think it is fantastic that you have been using computers since 1978 even though you said that you started using them in 1995 for . I think most people started using them then too but more for home use as the internet started to develop. I remember that one starting and I also remember saying “it’ll never work!”

    Great article man!

    1. Hi Dillon, Thank you for your thorough comment on my website theme. I have a few issues with the performance of this site occasionally, but my overall rating is 9/10.

      Asking questions always gives me a solid chance to get some real good content for my website. Interaction for your website with other people is what Google really Likes I think that may be the reason that my site is ranking as well as it does is the amount of words that I try to use in my posts and pages.

      1978 way back when we had punch cards, and the disk drive was as big as a bedroom in a house. HTML, code, is what they were teaching back then and I still don’t know how to do it, maybe some day?

      As for the internet, as soon as the kids said we will need it for our homework we got right on it. Got the telephone tech over to install our very first dial-up modem, boy was that a clunky piece of technology that was, but not to much later we had our first high-speed line installed right into the back of our computer now that was revolutionary it made that old dial-up look like a horse and buggy. Now we all have WI-FI and high-speed cell tower coverage in most areas of the country even the remote cottage areas up here in Northern Ontario have pretty good service as well as satellite internet to cover the whole world even if you don’t have a phone line to your house, and get this you can even piggy back internet from your cell phone to use as a modem for other devices, I have not done it yet, but I am sure I will eventually, can’t hurt to try at least once. Blue tooth still blows my mind how they can get your smartphone to transfer pictures and data simply amazes me. Have a great weekend Dillon

  7. Hello there, interesting Q & A article about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been scammed too, at earlier times on the internet.Now I do not need any scam out there to show me the way.I know what makes a site legitimate.

    The newbies should make thorough research before they invest any money online.

    I m using internet for many years, can’t remember exactly.

    I have one website going forward and I recommend it through friends and networks

    Traffic can be brought through many channels, social SEO, emails and so on.

    Fully enjoyed the answers from insiders

    1. Hello, Tasos. Thank you for adding to my Q&A. I think that many of us may have been scammed one time or another and it’s fine to admit it to others who have also been scammed. It’s good to share the experience that way we can alert others to the scam and help them to avoid it. Have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Dan, I am delighted seeing your post. It was a great idea to put something like this. I myself am an insider, a member of Wealthy Affiliate community, so seeing this in fact brings back a lot of memories. I started there as a complete beginner and I was asking a lot of questions myself.

    I see that regarding the question of being scammed online, many answer with yes. Sad that this is so, but obviously this is reality. I also realize from some answers how important social media are. Surprisingly Twitter as well, which I myself totally overlook. Many thanks for this text.

    1. Hi, Jovo. Thank you for your interest in my website. Being social on your website is very important in page ranking. I use Twitter a lot to post articles and posts from my website as well as other content from the internet in hopes that it can bring in more readers from all over the web. I have been getting a bit more traffic from pinterest in the last week or so. Have a good week.


  9. Great website. Only thing I suggest for the Q and A is the make the Question a bigger sized header and also use spacing. But besides that you had valuable information and also you can save a lot of people money because others may be wanting to try one those programs some of the members at WA tried and they could get some advice first hand.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion my website has a mind of its own and puts words in wrong places and messes with spacing and stuff like that.

      My main reason for the whole article is for people looking for an opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate that might have questions like that. So I thought it would be interesting and helpful.

      I don’t want people to get ripped off by phoney scam companies that just take your cash and disappear. Wealthy Affiliate is the real thing just check out reviews 95% of people who join love the system, you learn new things meet new people and then if you move on you can take the knowledge with you and be successful on your own but I can’t see why you would. The hosting is top notch and I have not had any trouble.

  10. I am so excited about this program. ive always wanted to make money online and i believe this is the key. its actually quite simple once they lay out the way online income is generated. its work for sure but its also at your finger tips if your willing to put in the time. I am looking for advice on how to make my own website become more attractive. do you have any tips?

    1. Hi, Darren, I agree with you I am still excited about the opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate provides. If you do the work it will pay off in the long term. Send me the link to your website and I can have a look at it for you and give you some tips on adding color to your titles and Pages.

  11. Great article and I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. Their platform for website building is one of the most robust and easy to use around and not to mention, there are so many people there willing to help you with the click of a button. I am so glad I joined WA, it has made all the difference in the world. No scams there! (and yes, I have been scammed before, have I ever) WA is very much on the up and up and I am very impressed on how the owners want to make sure you learn how to turn your passion into a successful online business. That is their motto so to speak and they really mean it!

  12. Wealthy Affiliate has proven to me time and time again that it has many things no other program has. Everything from start to finish for all levels of people looking to work online.

    1. Hi Ken Thanks for the reply. Wealthy Affiliate is the best, I have looked at many others and this is the real deal when it comes to learning how to build websites and make money with them, so To make money on the internet you need Training and Real human support. Get TWO FREE WEBSITES and all the training you need to become successful on YOUR OWN WEBSITES, Then as a premium member you have access to training and 25 websites of your chosen niche or subject. click (here) and find out more

  13. Wow Dan!

    I really, really like how you’ve opened up your personal Q&A and turned it into such a revealing article as this….absolutely awesome!

    You’ve definitely helped provide nearly all the answers to questions that I could ever possibly think of….this is very valuable information and a super great structure for a blog article!

    Great work my friend and I look forward to reading more of your informative posts!

    Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!

    All The Best,
    Jeremy David Wilson

    1. Hey, Jeremy, I couldn’t have written this page without the cooperation of the premium members of Wealthy Affiliate on this page. I think that it is important that people get as much information about WA as possible before jumping in with both feet. I Recommend WA to anyone that has been interested in building a website to make money.

  14. This was a great read thank you. I’m a WA member too, I had been pulled into various things online but managed to get out before too much money was spent. I had always been pretty sceptical of things and made sure I looked around for reviews of things — I remember a couple of times getting excited about something, only to then find a multitude of reviews revealing it as a scam. I couldn’t agree more that if it sounds way too good to be true – IT IS!! 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard as being at WA, but it’s very rewarding.

    1. Hello NETP, Thank you for reading my http://jobsover50.ca/?p=822 page. WA is a great community and an excellent place to learn how to build websites for a profit. WA is hard work but once you figure out what your goal is you can really learn quickly what you need to do to start making a profit from your website.

  15. It is Great great how the only upsell on the wealthy affiliate platform is premium as other sites with similar training just throw useless upgrades at you constantly.. In my opinion using wealthy affiliate is the most beneficial online money making tool avalibele. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I know how hard it could be not giving up as it takes a lot of patience and persistence and is overwhelming to any beginnerwith the amount of information. It is one of tje best platforms to make money from with the least initial investment. Great review. Cheers

  16. It’s really reassuring to find that some of these members have also made the mistakes I have online – it makes me feel a little better about the money I have lost.
    So this wealthy affiliate business seems to be free right? Well if so, that makes a nice change to what I’v e so far encountered online. If I sign up would you be able to help me in the tutorials there?

    1. if you have trouble understand ing the lessons I will help you for sure. All you have to do is private message me on my personal profile. I will help for sure. But if you can’t wait, at the bottom of each lesson is a comment section you can use to ask a question, someone is willing to help there too. Or you can click the help box at top of the page and many people have written lessons or videos on the same topic. So there is 3 ways to get help! Have a great day.

  17. Hello and thanks for sharing, We should be very careful in this day and time when many persons are saying that they how have the solution to all of your money worries by offering you a system that will have you living the life you always wanted to live when this is far from the truth because what many are saying is that a matter of days yo can make more money than you ever imagine, and this is what the scammers love to say. But when it comes to wealthy affiliate it is a different ball game. Wealthy affiliate is a community that has a solid business and the have proven to be trust worthy and live up to their name. I would tell anyone to become apart of this community because there methods have been proven to work over and over again. Wealthy is good ground, because here at wealthy affiliate is where dreams can come true. Have a good day.

    1. Hey Norman, Thanks for reading. You are correct about Wealthy Affiliate and that is why I have written extensively about it on this website.

      My best to you in the future.

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