Top Ten Phone Scams

Top Ten Telephone scams!

Today I will show you the Top Ten phone scams you should avoid!telephone fraud

1.Reduce your Credit Card interest scam.

Because all they really want is to steal your personal information and then run up your credit by applying for other types of credit with your name and buying illegal items or to fund drug gangs and terrorism. Don’t give them a chance just hang up better yet if you don’t recognise the telephone number do not pick up the phone.
2.Home security systems Fraud.

The caller will try to frighten the victims by telling stories of break-ins in the neighbourhood that in turn forces the victims to pay for the service and gets charged a large fee. Generally these services don’t deliver much because they either don’t exist or they are far away from the victims home-town.

3. Spam Text.

You may receive a text from a fake friend telling you just won a large prize or trip. You then have to go to a website and to download a file which is Malware some type of Trojan Virus or Crypto locker virus. They may even ask you to fill out a form to claim the prize which entails you entering your personal information thus stealing some of your identity.


4. You have won a Free cruise.

This is a phishing scam in order to get your credit card number and they will ask you to pay taxes and fees on the phone. You won’t get anything from them but a big credit bill at the end of the month.

5. Government Grant Scam.

You get to pay a large processing fee to receive a grant of $500-$25000. They may ask for your bank account information don’t do it they will drain your bank account and probably apply for credit in your name and that would be a big mess for you the victim.

6.The Microsoft or also known as the tech line scam.

Scammers will call you up and tell you, you a have 200 viruses on your computer then ask you to give them remote access  to your computer and then put the virus on your computer and charge you a couple of hundred dollars to remove it.

7. Auto Insurance Scam.

The scam is intended to once again not only steal your money, but your personal identification. The scammer tells you that you’re eligible for a lower¬†insurance rate. If they don’t know your name then hang up.

8. The Pay Day Loan

The claim is that you owe money on a payday loan and you are in arrears with this company. They threaten legal action and even try to scare you into paying them the money  by telling you they will call the Police.

9. The CRA or IRS Scam.

You get a call from a scam artist claiming to be from the government tax office and you owe back taxes and huge penalty fees. They demand payment, but if you have to pay via wire transfer like Western Union or money orders, credit cards then hang up because it’s a fake and they are just trying to steal your money and in some cases even your personal information.

10. Bank or Financial Institution Scams.

Your scammer calls and tells you  they are from the bank and then informs you your bank card/ accounts have been suspended and you need to verify your account numbers and other banking details. Friday afternoon seems to be the day for this scam because it is the weekend and a seems to be the worst day for something like this to make it a miserable weekend for most people.

Friday afternoon seems to be the day for this scam because it is the weekend and  seems to be the worst day for something like this to happen makes it miserable, for most people in a big hurry to get home for the weekend.

This has been The Top Ten Phone scams

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How to Avoid Event Ticket Scamsticket scam

¬†–¬†Avoid buying tickets from Anonymous¬†sellers on Craigslist.

–¬†When buying tickets from online sellers do not use Western Union or Paypal because the scammers like to use them, you pay and do not get tickets in return.

When possible buy from Ticketmaster or Stubhub that way you know your ticket purchase is legitimate.   

Make sure the $price$ you are looking at is not drastically different from the others offered for the same event.

Always try to meet the seller at the venue where the event is taking place.

When you buy from scalpers take their¬†picture and if they won’t agree to the picture walk away from the transaction.

Have you tickets that you purchased from an online seller verified at the venue or at the box office that can perform the service for you.

Be wary if the seller is in a big rush to sell the tickets this could be a sign that the transaction is going to end up badly and you get ripped off for hundreds, sometimes thousands of your hard earned dollars.

E-tickets are easily copied so be careful purchasing from online sellers because if your tickets are one of the hundreds copied you will not be granted entry to the venue and thus again get ripped off.

Don’t buy presale tickets from scalpers because if they have someone else’s name on the ticket you will be denied¬†entry and lose your money.


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Ok, So You Got Scammed Online. Now What?

  1. Turn off that computer and do not use it until you have a Legitimate computer ¬†technician go over it and pull all of the little nasty’s like trojans, crypto locker viruses and malware off of your system. Because if that hacker has not crashed your computer’s operating system he probably has installed a little surprise on there for you to open and ruin your computer.
  2. Did you let anyone remotely access your computer? If they did that remote program is still in running the background trying to steal your bank account and credit card numbers as well as all of your passwords so they can use it to buy stuff with your money.
  3. Did you say that you paid them with a credit card? You can call the credit company and make a stop payment on the transaction and you can also track the scammer down so you can notify the authorities. But first make sure you have that card and it’s number and password canceled so the criminals don’t have access to any more of your money. Do not forget you only have a small span of time to cancel the transactions and notify the banks and credit companies of this fraudulent activity.
  4. Do not forget to change all of the passwords for all of the accounts that you access from your computer. That way the remote access programs can not pull out your information and drain all of your money from your bank and other financial institutions.
  5. Finally but most important always have a good antivirus scanner installed on your computer system and or network. the antivirus system is usually your first line of defense against Malware and Hackers attempt to take over your computer. I am Running McAfee right now and We have used Bitdefender and Norton Antivirus. They are all very effective antivirus software and have different levels of pricing and protect all sectors of your computer and other devices that you may own.

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Phone Scams”

  1. Wish I had seen this post months ago. I got ripped off. Thanks for making this public, I will definitely share this blog.


    1. Hi David, I am sorry you didn’t get here sooner. I try to stay up to date on the latest scams and malware, let me know if you come across them and I will send out an alert.. Have a look at this page and learn about other scams to avoid!

  2. I have fallen victim to a text once. I trust nothing online or over the phone easily now. Really need to protect the elders in your family as well. I worked in home health care and people would call and rip off people in the retirement home. Great information and really needs to be taken more seriously. Usually people have to experience it before they will.

    1. William, It pisses me off to hear about scammers calling the older folks and stealing from them. Let’s hope with all the experience we have about this type of activity that we won’t be unfortunately ripped off when we get old. But somehow I don’t think that will happen to me. Here is another page you can read and learn about more scams to avoid I hope you have time to look.

  3. Hey this article on phone scams is right on. My 81 year old mom fell for the IRS call just a few weeks ago. Went to CVS trying to wire $6,000 to the crooks until a helpful employee told her not too. Oy!

    1. Andrea, I have heard about that dirty scam. I just wish that we could educate older people about the scams that are being perpetrated against good people these days. I am so happy to here that CVS employee stepped in and stopped your Mom from sending out the money to the IRS scammer. Until next time. Dan-L

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