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BBB Top Ten Scams of 2015

 #1 Scam this year of 2015 is the Tax audit scam            2363 are from The IRS (USA) and 50 From CRA (Canada) Between the two countries this makes up 24% of the scams being reported.


#2 Debt Collectors Scam They call your home and threaten you to pay the money and you make a credit card payment over the phone and they have all the info they need to run your credit card to the max and even open new credit accounts in your name.

#3 Sweepstakes, Gifts and Lottery Scams.  You receive an email or Robo call about you win fall but in exchange, you must pay a processing fee STOP….. If you won It should be free. So don’t fall for the scam.

#4 Tech Support Scams

#5 Government Grant Scams You are asked to SEND MONEY for the processing fee. SCAM

#6Cash in Advance of A LOAN. You send your personal info and a cheque or money or Western Union cash transfer and in return, you get Jack SQUAT and head ache when the cheque gets cashed.

#7 Credit Interest Rate Scam You get a call give your credit card # and your all your security codes and BINGO you end up thousands in debt after the scammers run up your credit to the MAXIMUM and you end up Broke.

#8 WORK FROM HOME SCAMs Envelope stuffing posting ads and answering/processing email. Some are legit but, 2.6% are Fake

#9 Fake Cheque or Money Order Scams. You get a cheque after you sell something online and you return so much $$$ back to the buyer and then the cheque bounces and you owe the whole amount $$$ back to the bank plus interest and fees and possible criminal charges.

#10 Fake Lottery Scam Calls, Letters, Emails we have seen them all just send $9.99 and you will get your prize or give us your credit account and social insurance # number and you will get the cash. Meanwhile, the scam is on you and they can run away with your money.

BBB Top Ten Scams Of 2015

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