I have been notified of a page on the web that has been posted by our friends at Symantec and it is called security_response.Norton by Symantec logo

2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 20


To start there is an overview¬†of all the viruses and malware that Symantec¬†has discovered this year so far. It’s posted on a regular basis by their global security team to make all web users aware of all the malware out on the internet.


Next is a List of 50 or more threats that is updated daily in the past month of all  the latest virus, worm, trojan and malware Threats that have been detected by the security team.


The risk page is accurate and up-to-date information on the latest security risks. A Risk is a threat that exploits a vulnerability that may cause harm to one or more assets. included are all of the adware, dialers, hackers tools, hoaxes just to mention a few.


Then is the Vulnerabilities page. This page explains in detail all of the points in your computers programs that are vulnerable to attack by hackers trying to steal or destroy information like bank account and credit card numbers and other numbers like social insurance and health card and insurance numbers.

Brightmail IQ Services

Next page is the spam protection section provided by Brightmail Security services. All the email is monitored for spam and malware  over the last 365 days. That includes malware, viruses, security risks, vulnerabilities, and spam. There is a sender IP lookup, Spam volume history chart, for the year. A chart for the type of spam called the spam lookup chart. A pie chart to show a percentage, of each spam category. They also have a section that show some of the blogs on the internet that are using celebrity deaths to spread spam.


The next section is the A-Z list of threats and risks updated daily but the Symantec team. There are over 1 Thousand different threats written up and updated daily.


I hope that this little bit of information will help you stay safe on the crazy internet. I have been hacked in the past, but that was because my security was down and needed updates. Now it is email, and other things that are hidden within them that create threats for me these days. Norton and Symantec have all of this covered and their team makes sure threat levels stay low because people know what is coming through the wires thanks to them.


What is Ransomware?

Watch this video for quick explanation from Norton

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