BBB Scam Tracker Map

BBB Top ten scams of 2015/

The BBB, Better Business Bureau, Has come up with a new Scam tracker to fight back against Scams, Schemes, Con Games and Ripoffs.

Scams, Schemes, Con Games and Rip-Offs

This story has just been featured on CBC.CA, But I did it before them!!

If you have been scammed or heard of a scam in you area you can post it on Thier scam tracker page.¬† . I am sure it’s based in the USA, but I have looked at this page and it has also marked Canadian cities.

Ok, as I was saying there is a map with pins that have marked many towns and cities that currently have scams and cons running within them.

Some of the scams included are The IRS, CRA, Microsoft scam, Reduce your Credit Card interest scam, Home security systems Fraud, Spam Text, You have won a Free cruise, Government Grant Fraud, The tech line scam, Auto Insurance Rip-off, The Pay Day Loan,  Bank or Financial Institution Scams,  Work from Home scams,

Currently, there are over 4000 scam warnings pinned on the Scamtracker map.

Included in this post is the URL for the map. That is interactive so you can include a Fraud you have encountered in your own town or city. scam tracker map.

Links to pages within my website included on this page are.

The whole idea of this website is to entertain, Inform and educate. With an attempt to make you laugh. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and Reviews of the web-based¬† programs that I feel are frauds and scams so, with the help of The BBB’s new scam tracker map we can all avoid being scammed online by the hackers and fake job opportunities¬†being popped up on our screens, spamming us all hours of the day. With telephone and internet scams so easy to perpetrate our lives these days, The scam-tracker map will be very handy for everyone.

The secret has been exposed