PowerLead-System is MultiLevel-Marketing

http www PowerLead-System com is an online multilevel Marketing company.

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The  owner, Rob Fore, who has built many of these businesses and this one just happened to catch on and started making money for him and his top line marketers.

“Who, I am sure got caught by one of his capture pages somewhere as they were looking for a way to make some cash in an MLM network scam.”

1 Build capture pages.

2 Use autoresponders.

3 Make Video to help with recruiting.

4 Create google hangouts.

The PowerLead-System will cost you cost you $30 per month and at an additional cost of $23.95 per month you can become an affiliate marketer for PLS.

YES, you have to pay them $23.95 to market PowerLeadSystem on your own website!


“Who, I am sure got caught by one of his capture pages somewhere as they were looking for a way to make some cash in an MLM network scam.”

What is Multi-level Marketing?

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This is what the power lead system looks like in its Multilevel compensation plan.

Powerleadsystem Disclaimer. jobsover50.ca
Power lead system Disclaimer

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This is what the powerlead-system looks like in its Multilevel compensation plan.

Each level above Gets paid a commission from all new sales from new referrals that have been recruited. It may not look like a pyramid scheme but there is always someone on the bottom paying it out and the members at the top get paid very well in the end.

Make no mistake you will not be missed if you quit because their motto is, There is a new person to catch and reel in tomorrow.

This the same with all MLM’s and eventually most MLM’S burn themselves out and fade away or run out of money and close up shop leaving you hanging and taking your money with them.

Compensation plan

Where is the ethical content of PowerLead-System’s compensation plan.

-First lead that you recruit you get Nothing $0 Zero Dollars.

-Second lead you are paid $20 Twenty Dollars.

-Third lead you get Zero dollars $0 again.

-Fourth lead $20 twenty dollars and so on.

So you can see what is happening here is all the money is going to the top of the heap and if you are in the program early enough before the pyramid collapses you might make some money,  but if all of the downline people quit then the top falls back to the bottom and by, by powerlead-system.

Rejected not Recommended, powerlead-system, jobsover50.ca

I do not recommend Powerlead-System to anyone unless you have money to loose.

If you do join as a free member you will get limited resources and not much interaction, I pretty sure you will get a ton of upsell and spam from your upline sponsor. Although they say you can contact the owners I am sure that will be limited to the amount of business and money that your leg of the business makes for him.

Final Thought on Powerlead-system do not waste your money on a scam like Powerlead-system, they will take your money and leave you high and dry at the end of their short run at the top.

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