Personal Scam-Tales- I almost got scammed today


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Personal Scam-Tales  I almost got scammed today

This is the questions I have asked of my online friends and colleagues. I sent this email and got several different replies from people about personal scam tales.

I’m doing an expert roundup on my website, and my audience would love to know your answers to these 2 questions about your personal scam tales.

1.Have you been scammed online?

2.How would you avoid being scammed online?

This a reply from Diana to personal scam tales

1. Yes. I was scammed online. ¬†But I didn’t¬†lose any money in the process. When I was selling a vehicle on Kijiji. A man contacted me with an offer. Then I counter offered him because it was a was much lower than the price I was asking. In return, he sent me a higher offer, a lot higher than the last and I should send the money to him well that raised the red flag for me. This time it had a strange¬†looking Paypal attachment along with the email. I was very leery of this I thought it looked suspicious¬†and I contacted PayPal, Well the email with the Paypal attachment was a fake and I immediately canceled the transaction and then contacted Paypal about this suspicious activity. Pay pal told me they had knowledge of the scammer and He had been at it for a while.

2. I will pay more attention to what is going on.  Also, I will do more research on the internet before I do any more transactions.
My reply To Diana:
Yes, you really have to watch out for fake email replies when you post your goods and or services to free advertising sites like Kijiji. You never know who will answer your add and try to steal your stuff. Thank goodness you caught on to the scam before he got your money, it looks as though you are a very smart consumer.
There is a video from March 25th 2015 Based on the same scam from


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Watch the video below from FOX 6 NOW.COM to see.
‚ÄúI think I have been scammed!‚ÄĚ Woman selling computer targeted in Paypal¬†scam.
TaesikYoon Replies: to Personal scam tales with this comment.
There are plenty of good articles about how to avoid a scam.I recommend this article that you can learn how to avoid a scam.(
My reply:
I agree with everything you have written on your website. Especially when you say ” If it looks to good to be true then stay away” Those are words to live by in the internet business world.

Wealthy Affiliate will never promise things they can not deliver

The secret has been exposed,, personal
BigDaddyFred Replied to Personal scam tales. With his comment.
1.No, but I have been doing this for some time and can smell a scam a mile away, and too smart to be scammed. Well…. Not really, but I guess I have been lucky so far. And my website is
My Reply to Big Daddy Fred:
I am glad to hear that Fred You may be one of the luckier people I have talked with about this subject. Maybe you have a second sense or they just were not slick enough to pull the wool over your eyes kudos my friend.
Loes Replied To personal scam tales.
Hi Dan,
I haven’t been scammed online, and to avoid it, I put every website, name, email address, etc into Google to check them up, and you know what, when it is a scam it comes out that way:)
My Reply to Loes:
That’s a great answer Loes. Thank you. Those are ¬†good ways to avoid a scam. Researching your topic and the web pages that they are on and the author of the subject. These are all very good ways to avoid scams online.
Peter Blackwell Replies to Personal scam tales.
1. No, I have not been scammed Online! 2. I do research, but it’s not enough to only Google a Company! All Companies out there have Complaints (Even Wealthy Affiliate, but only a hand-full in 10 years) So when I do my research I always contact a couple of people that have had a good experience and success with a company or web-sites, and I also contact some people who had a bad experience or result…And then I will make my decision based on that info! And that has been solid so far for me.
My Reply: To Peter I am glad to here you have not been scammed. Yes, it is very important to research anyone you do business with, especially online since there are so many hackers and scammers out there trying to steal your money with, get rich quick schemes on the internet.
Wealthy Affiliate will never spam you or try to upsell you, pay once a month.
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Christabell Replied to Personal scam tales:
Hi, Dan! I just recently wrote a review that included my story on being scammed, here is the story and also on my site I talk about the ways I have learned to avoid scams.
¬†I thought you might like to just get an idea as to how invasive Anthony Morrison’s techniques can be and draw on your own thoughts! Most people don’t see the whole picture! I think for most of us who have been scammed, especially as I have read others stories, it is that when we first are introduced to affiliate marketing we ( and for me I was new to using the internet) are unaware that people can get away with such dishonesty online, that there truly is basically no policing! And we are not aware as to how to go about investigating offers! The things we then all learn the hard way.
My reply to Christabell:
You really believed in Anthony Morrison and i am sorry to here your personal scam tales.
What can we learn from this tale, We learn that you should really research the businesses you are going to enter into. You should go over it with a fine tooth comb and find all the bits that are hidden within its crusty layers. A scam always looks to good to be true. Anthony Morrison is a slick sales person and has made a fortune from less experienced marketers trying to make it in affiliate marketing. He should somehow be stopped and the only way to do it is to stop buying his products and eventually he will go Broke and stop advertising bad products and stop scamming people.
I know that Wealthy Affiliate is a %100 percent Legitimate Company. You get everything you pay for and more. Try Wealthy Affiliate free.
This little square can change your life today. Wealthy Affiliate,, personal
sheiladane99 Replies to Personal Scam Tales:
I have come very close to being scammed a couple of times. I was ready to put money down and something in me said, no. Go look them up. I actually use Kyle’s site to help with it sometimes. I look up the company, Google everything I can find about them and if they come up short, I let it go by. I have bought some businesses that turned out to be less than stellar. They promised big things but delivered on very little, but it is hard to tell if that is because I didn’t stick around long enough or because the business really wasn’t up to snuff. I tended to leave if the business didn’t offer some kind of coaching. Many of them promised training but the training offered was inadequate for my purposes. I need a lot of hand-holding. WA is the first company whose training met my rigorous standards.
My Reply:
We always have to be diligent when it comes to online purchases whether it be for personal products or business opportunities. Google is a great place to start when researching goods and services. Wealthy Affiliate really teaches the fundamentals of online business. Kyle and Carson have a wealth of knowledge from a dozen years of ethical business practice to help you build an online business.
Jim Smith replies to Personal scam tales.
Hi Dan ,Question 1.
To be honest, I haven’t been scammed online financially but I have been sucked into a number of sites that pull you in with either fancy graphics or the promise of a once in a lifetime opportunity. ūüėČ
Question 2.
I do my homework. I spend a little time researching these sites when they seem too good to be true. Usually, there will be forums or some review site full of people who have had experience with said web site and will not hold back on their opinions. This is how I weed out the bad from the good. A good example would be¬† companies offering internet service. I’ve found a number of them that service our area and offer a fantastic deal. That is , until you google them up and find practically everybody warning you to stay far away from them lol
Hope this answers your questions.
 My reply:
Thank you Jim for your great reply. You are an educated online consumer and have figured out how not to get scammed online by using, Search engines to explore your opportunities Like Wealthy Affiliate.
Free Starter Membership Banner with a live Link to wealthy affiliate,, personal

Scott Tate Replies to personal scam tales.

So far, I have had my credit card information stolen a few times and have bought a couple inexpensive products which we not very good quality.

I don’t leave my credit card information with a company online.

My Reply.

I can’t say I have had my credit card number stolen. I am very careful when it comes to online purchases.

Here is a page of tips Free Internet security Review .

These are a few Personal Scam Tales my Friends have shared with me. I hope you have taken away some things that will help you from having to tell me your PERSONAL SCAM TALES

Contact Me:

63 thoughts on “Personal Scam-Tales- I almost got scammed today”

  1. Although I have not yet been scammed(at least I don’t think I have). I ‘m Very cautious on my venture’s. I did recently had a Iphone 6 ordered against my Verizon acct. Got an email that confirmed a order. Sorry to those that tried. No Luck.

    1. That is one scam I have not heard about until now Jean. I will have to look into that one.
      I wonder if Verizon is aware that this is happening to people and if it is happening is it on a regular basis?
      You would think that Verizon would know right away if hackers were inside their sales system and stop it from Happening before people get scammed out of hard earned money.
      Good work on stopping that scam from burning you!
      Thank you for your Comment Jean.

  2. Wow Dan,
    This is a wonderful idea of sharing real testimonies from those of us who have been the victims of scams!
    I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of this so we can help to prevent others from being scammed!
    I especially would like to see my review go viral and help to put a stop to Anthony Morrison!
    Thank you for letting me a part of your venture to help others in this way!
    Christa ūüôā

  3. Great post on avoiding being scammed. I’ve been scammed a couple of times but was lucky to cancel payment before it actually went through. All I can say is that they’re out there everywhere looking to suck you into their scams. Now WA is different, you get exactly what they say. Only legitimate opportunity I’ve found so far.

    1. Hi Jazmin, You are right, they are a lot of scams out there and especially on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business I have been involved with and I have seen many that don’t get close to what WA can offer a beginner or a professional marketer.

  4. Hi Dan.

    I just wanted to share a scam story from the old days-in the early 90s. I didn’t have a computer then, but was still searching for ways to work at home. I fell for a few scams.

    Some of them were sew pillow covers (I know, pretty lame!) lol, but I fell for that. You would complete the work and send it back but they would always say the work was not good enough and then not pay you, duh, what can I say. I was young and naive.

    The other one was the one where you place ads to get paid. But you are placing ads just like the ones you answered, so you are actually just tricking people into doing the same thing – it’s not real work. Needless to say I quit that and they never paid either that I recall.

    I am glad there are legitimate ways to make money from home/online and glad you created this site to help people. Thanks.

    1. Those are 2 scams I have not covered on my website you have just given me another one to tear apart and alert more people too.
      I do my best to cover everything that could possibly steal money or goods away from you. Including work from home jobs.
      Whether you are young or old if the scammer is convincing enough he/she will get someone’s money eventually.
      Let’s hope now we are on the case that we can alert more people.

    1. I do hope more people will see my pages and get turned away from MLMs, it is just a big LIE By a bunch of very slick con-men and convincing sales people. If you start one up and you are at the top right from the beginning you will get rich on the TRUST of others hoping to get rich on a DREAM.

  5. Hey, Dan

    You certainly have a mixture of replies where online scams are concerned. Yes, I have been scammed myself in the past by the likes of Empower Network and other programs before it.

    However, my advice to people is to always do your homework on Google first before joining anything that’s too good to be true and costs the earth to get started.

    Thanks for a great post here ūüôā


    1. Thank you, Neil. I have learned a lot since I have begun this website. My research seems endless but the more that I read the less surprised I am to see the difference between a scam and a #legitimate online enterprise like “Wealthy Affiliate”. Here to #Help not Harm. Dan

  6. Dan,

    Great post about a very imortant topic. I consider this to be an important topic because of all the money that has been lost by all the victims of scams online.

    There are so many ruthless people out there taking advantage of people and I absolutely hate it. It really drives me nuts.

    I don’t know how these scammers sleep at night. I really like that you got some people to share their stories of scams with us.

    It’s important to talk about these scams because it might prevent other people from becoming a victim.

    I enjoyed your post and thought your video was great. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Robert,

      I did not start out to do a scam website it just kind of turned in this direction. Billions of dollars are lost each year to online crimes not to mention all the real world scams that happen every day.

      I enjoy making video’s if it was not as time-consuming, I would make more of them more often.

  7. Hi,
    My wife and I began to fall for a Nigerian scam before it was common place. This took place back in the late 90’s when the internet was still amazing at dial up speeds!! Well, we became suspicious and didn’t wind up getting hurt out of the deal, but contacted our bank and the Feds before losing any money or cashing someone else’s money, just for it to bounce after it’s cleared. Yeah, what a doosie!

    1. Hi, Brian. thank you for your comment sorry to hear about your misfortune and happy you didn’t lose any money over it. I am sure you learned a lesson from your experience.

      I have also been on the other end of a scam more than once since we have been on the internet never lost any money but came very close a couple of times.

      Dial-up was so slow compared to the relatively quick speeds we have now. We have a 25/10 connection now but, usually only get 1/2 of what they advertize.

      Have a good weekend.

  8. We need to be so vigilant, and the more due diligence the better. A lot of these offers prey on our emotions – the desire for something more and better. I have been on the other end of being lured into a ‘promising’ investment venture only to lose many thousands of √ā¬£√ā¬£√ā¬£.
    Took me months to recover from – still am actually.. my own fault though as I didn’t investigate thoroughly enough. Some lessons are learnt the hard and costly way!
    I think that any offer that claims to make money for you with little effort on your part is extremely dodgy. In my experience anyway.
    It takes time, learning, skill, action, effort, relentlessness and good positive attitude to become successful.
    What would you say are the key factors to a legit online business opportunity?

    1. Hello, Grant. I feel the same way about online offers and deals from websites I have no knowledge of. I buy products from online websites but always make sure that the websites are trusted and *legitimate*.

  9. Hi Dan, how nice you have used my reply on your article. When you asked for testimonials about “have you been scammed online”, I did not think you would be using mine, because I did not had that experience. Love to see myself back on your website.
    I love to see how others would avoid being scammed online. There are a few very great tips to take notice of. You just have to keep your eyes and ears wide open nowadays, online but also offline. What’s wrong with those people, I often wonder. What’s the use to con other people?
    Well great talking to you again Dan:)
    If you ever need more testimonials, call me:)

    1. Hi Loes, It’s always a pleasure to have you as a guest, on

      Your story was a little short, but as you know in content marketing the more words we can put on a page the better chance that the Google crawlers will notice the website.

      I will tell you that the scammers make money from other peoples misinformation by using black hat technics to lock up your computer and install worms and viruses, that way we have to pay to have their junk software removed from our computers. Meanwhile, the computer tech in your town also makes good money from people’s computers that have been hacked.

      I love your webpages Thank you, Loes.Cool Amazing Free Website Tools – Work at Home

      1. Hi Dan, that’s why I never download any programs I really don’t know they are true and can be trusted, and when you have to download software, to get the info you need, to get rich, all my hair ( and that’s a lot:) will rise. I encounter a few of these programs on my way to Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for adding my link to the amazing tool site, much appreciated, Loes

        1. Yes Loes, You have to be extra careful when downloading programs, music, PDF’s, and anything attached to email messages, Facebook videos, Facebook messenger, and many other entertainment websites now are traps to get people to download viruses. Just the other day I was on a website reading a list of celebrity gossip or pictures I think it was and suddenly, I got hit by a crypto locker or something, I was able to get away without any damage or at least nothing that I have noticed anyway. I have McAfee on my new computer and it will stop me from going to pages that may have potential harmful viruses.
          You are welcome for the backlink to your awesome website, I have it bookmarked so that I may go and utilize the multitude of programs and online software you have provided links too. Have great, weekend. Dan@

  10. Hi!
    So many people get scammed every day to the tune of mega bucks.
    It seems the MLM programs usually turn out to be not worth the effort, and only make money for the top members.
    I like your choice of Wealthy Affiliate for an alternative to getting scammed.
    I have been a member there for 3 years and I xcan attest to the fact that they are for real.
    Have you ever been scammed?


    1. Hello Shawn and thank you for commenting on my page

      Billions of dollars are lost every year due to hackers

      MLM’s are the worst “LEGAL” Pyramid style business, if you don’t have the personality to drive one of those forward then you will lose the money invested in starting up and more.

      Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online business building school in the world. I will agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate being legitimate I have learned more in the last five months than I have learned in the last 5 years in online marketing.

      I got close to being scammed One time, but I didn’t go through with all the personal information they wanted. I will say it was very authentic even the paperwork was very professional.


  11. After reading these scam stories I realize how lucky I was with respect to this. My first and only attempt was Wealthy Affiliate and I do not regret it. This has been a great experience for me. It was a good idea to make such a list. One can learn a lot from bad experiences of others. Many thanks for this text, I have learned something today.

    1. Hi, Jovo.

      I am glad to here you have been lucky as to not being scammed, unfortunately, many people don’t have the good luck and get scammed. Maybe it’s lack of education or just bad timing or not enough research on their part. Wealthy Affiliate is the best

  12. Hi Dan,
    What a great post. Asking real people about real problems. I have been scammed online. More than once. Some have cost me money, others have not.

    I think a great way to avoid a scam is similar to what you stated above. If someone claims you can quit your job in 30 days from now with “this new program” , no doubt, its a scam. If it sounds too good……

    Personal scam tales is great. Would love to hear/see some more of this.

    1. Hi, Stephen.

      Thank you for your honesty in your comment. I would like to hear about your scam experience so that I can pass it on to my readers. You are correct “if it sound to good to be true than it is probably a scam”.


  13. Hello,

    Definitely like the message you are sending via your site….I am a prime example of someone who has jumped on many of the ‘glitzy’ programs out there promising riches with little or no work….sooner or later, we learn the hard way that ‘if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!”

    Just a couple comments on your site….I didn’t notice a stronger header, nor menu at the top of your home page. Also, lead-off scamming questions were duplicated. Of course, you are promoting WA, but maybe too maybe duplicate ads on the home page…

    Love the content….everyone needs to read your message!

  14. Hi
    it’s a first time for me to see .ca site , hope it’ll work well for you , for the scams , i have member in 3-4 programs which turned out to be scam at the end
    for the name i like also the name of jobs over 50 , self illustrating , although i hope you can put an email with your domain instead the gmail one

    1. Hi, Karim.

      My .ca site means that it originates in Canada. Please come back and shar what you have been scammed by so that more people can learn from you and avoid those mistakes.

  15. Hey Dan,

    This is a great idea sharing other peoples point of views, I definitely agree that I put the website through the scam checkers on google before allowing any money out of my account, I do rigorous research also because there are a lot of websites out there that are “un-manned” and they are just a shell to collect peoples money with no replies to email or whatever.

    Freedom Weight Loss

    1. Hi, Aiden.

      Thank you for pointing out those facts about the scam websites that are collecting money and delivering garbage content in return, I have seen lots of them and recommend that not giving them any money or time, they just give the legit companies a bad reputation.


  16. This is a great round-up of scams or near-scams. It helps people to understand what to look out for. I think the starting point will be not to trust anyone. I am generally a very trusting person so this makes me an easy target for scammers. Over the past few years I have learned that everyone needs to earn your trust before you start dealing with them.

    1. Hi, Leslie.

      I use Google Alerts and there is always something new daily and or weekly, I recommend you try it out for yourself. They have every topic covered that has been indexed on the internet I will give you a link check it out

      You need to be cautious when dealing with companies on the internet especially the ones that seem a little dodgy. I hope that you picked up some helpful hints from my website and that the information will come in handy for you. I don’t think you should distrust everyone you just need to do some research on the websites and companies you do business with on the world wide web. There are many good websites like mine you can use to do your research before you make that decision on a purchase of an item or software or even a business opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate.

      I got an email from a guy yesterday about (MCA) Motor Club of America Thay are a legit business that works on referrals That isn’t the first time that I got an email about a business opportunity, but how did he get my email address is the Question? I am thinking it is an (MLM) Business model. Seems to me that MCA is a lot more expensive than CAA Canada or AAA American and it looks like you can get the same kind of insurance that MCA offers.

      So I Emailed him back and told him about my Website and he thanks me for it, but still insists on promoting his MCA product and his video claims he’s making Double the amount he was making working at a hospital in his Hometown and retired at age 26. Good for him.

      I promote Wealthy Affiliate and have had some success by following the training program and By writing content on my website. So if you want to learn how to build websites and connect with a friendly group of people all with the same goal of making a solid home based business, Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to be.

  17. Hi there!
    I have been one of the lucky ones and have never been scammed to date. I was lucky enough to have worked with AOL for a couple years and was schooled in scams early on back in the late 90’s.
    Thanks for your post, it will help many to stay safe on the web!
    Have you been scammed?


    1. Hi Shawn. We almost got scammed 1 time but never lost any money. We’ll accept for a mortgage scam we lost $200 on a preapproval. thank you for reading jobsover50.c

  18. Hi!
    I have been lucky and not been scammed, but the reason I have not been is because when I started looking for a way to work online I found WA right off the bat and took the chance with them.
    It is now almost 4 years later and I am still a member and work full time online at my own business I built through WA.
    I can not stress enough how much this place has helped me and taught me.
    Have you ever been scammed yourself?
    If so, how and what happened?


    1. Hi, Shawn. We got scammed 1 time and that was offline. We applied for a mortgage paid $200 and then when we asked about the approval we were turned down. I should have known better just by the looks of the place, basement of a house around the back in Toronto. We complained about it and never got our money back, Lesson learned. You can read more about scams and rip-offs.

  19. We had the ultimate scam a few years ago. My husband is an artist and sells his work online and at trade shows. He was contacted very professionally from multiple individuals through email that wanted to purchase one of his paintings. They sent the money for the purchase via Western Union, but then had over paid, claiming they sent the money for two paintings they were considering, then deciding to not purchase one after the money was sent. My husband send the difference back to them, then a few days later we learned that it was no real customer at all. And the western union deposit was faked. So the money he sent back to the ‘customer’ was lost. He was heartbroken because of all the years of effort and struggle he’s been through trying to make a living with his greatest talent.

    1. Hello Sarah, That really is a bad scam your husband got burned with I have never read about a scam like that. Thank you for sharing your story with us. My only wish is to have people more educated on how scams work and how to avoid them. God Bless and have a great weekend.


  20. it been some time I got scammed many time.. it was my fault because I when in without checking reviews.. i like post like that that tell personal story about what happen and from that I get to make a clear decision of what to expect online and I like your widget about traffic tracker so cute!

    1. Hello, Alan. I am so glad you found my website and learned how to avoid scams. Many people who are inexperienced with internet business get ripped off simply because they did not do their research first and that is why I started this website so that I can teach people all about the dangers of online business. I can say that If you are looking for a safe and risk-free opportunity Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start CLICK HERE and get a seven-day free trial no credit card or obligations. Have a great weekend!

  21. Hello

    lovely read, unfortunately, im one of the people who have had the misfortune of being scammed online.
    Apart from loosing money, loss of trust is even worse.Anyone trying to make money online will somehow understand if you say you`ve been scammed online, but trying to explain it to someone who do not know how online work thinks you are stupid so, after being scammed, most of us do prefer to stay quiet.
    As it is, you(in general)already feel stupid to have trusted a stranger, so it helps none if someone you knows confirms it to you that you are stupid giving money online.
    After lots of trials and errors,im glad that at last l found a programme that is scam free.
    Thanks for a lovely read, helps to know there are many of us out there.

    1. Hello, Roamy. True to many people have been scammed online and “unfortunately” you and I are not alone. I can say that I have not lost any money but have come close on a couple of occasions. Now I write about them and expose their practices, because I do my research and make sure as I am sure you do as well, proofing that the websites are legitimate. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the companies I have come to trust and if you CLICK HERE you can also get a solid base with my help and the help of hundreds of other PREMIUM members to build your own online business wth a seven-day FREE trial.

  22. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious
    what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would
    cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% certain.
    Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  23. wow…people have very many ways of stealing from you online. Well i must say that i myself have scammed not once, not twice but three times. Making money online had been my wish so i joined amazon kindle and wrote this amazing book that i needed to be noticed, so i google some promoting and marketing websites that claimed that can do this for me….they needed payment which of course i paid through my paypal…They never promoted my book. I would visit that website daily to check if they posted my book till today i have never seen it being promoted.

    1. That’s really sh-tty of them to do that to you, You need to do a review on them and have it exposed to the world. Then go to their website and post it in the comment section and see what response you get from them. I know that Wealthy Affiliate would not do anything underhanded like that so I recommend them highly. You can start your own website and sell your book and promote and sell books from other affiliate programs that sell books, like Amazon. Good luck in the future and i hope that your writting carreer goes well for you ūüôā

  24. Hi there, it is sad indeed to read what people are subject to on the Internet, but this is a reality. As I see the people expressing their experience are in fact>= Wealthy Affiliate<= members, saying what happened to them before joining WA.

    Well, I am one of the members as well, but must add that I have never been scammed online. I was lucky, my first and the last attempt was =>Wealthy Affiliate<=. So here I am at WA, with two sites built and with truly great experience. Thank you for this article.

    1. Hello, Jovo, Nice to hear from you again!

      I never really got scammed, but it was of my own doing. When joining Amway, before the days of the internet, I was struck by the big dream and of how much money I could potentially make with this Multi-marketing company.

      After that I Joined Herbalife and again my stupidity, dream, is was what drove that mistake and cost me a couple of thousand dollars in product cost and training time.

      Not mention all the other things i have tried along the including Primerica Finacial Services, which have yet to wrire about.

      I quickly learned since joining =>Wealthy #Affiliate

  25. Good job to the person who avoided getting scammed. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a world where we just BUY things online, and then recieve ’em, either love ’em or hate ’em and then RETURN. So many scams and loopholes these days, it’s becoming a normal thing to get cautious and ask the seller questions, look out for any red flags, even if they seem subtle.

    1. Hi LakanDula,

      Not to many people have had the good fortune of not being scammed.

      We all learn from our mistakes.

      We have to be very cautious about the websites and the links contained within them.

      I have not been scammed online ,but have clicked on a few links that have had some questionable content within them, stuff that looks like viruses and malware.

      So get out really fast and do a scan as fast as possible so as not to get one of those nasty viruses.

      Thanks for posting a comment ūüôā

  26. Hi Dan,

    This is fantastic! I really liked how you got so many different opinions and tips from other people, and then added your input as well. It’s so easy to get scammed online these days, especially when you’re not expecting it, and it only has to happen once to really be detrimental to your finances and your trust of the internet.

    I also usually google anything that I think looks scammy – like when I bought super cheap Raybans online – and it’s really good, because once someone’s been scammed, they usually WILL name and shame and put it out there, hopefully saving other people from that fate.

    Thanks again Dan, I’m sure this’ll really help a lot of people!

    All the best,


    1. Thank you for your comment. We really have to cautious when buying goods and services from companies on the internet. Scams are all over the place. I know of one company that will not scam you and it is named Wealthy Affiliate. You get 2 free websites with web hosting included and 10 days free ***** trial. ****

  27. He shares how he was almost scammed. You do have to watch out for fake email replies when you post your goods and services. You never know who will answer your ad. A lot of sites make all kinds of promises but don’t ever deliver on those promises. Sometimes you don’t stick around long enough and other times business isn’t up to snuff.

  28. It is a terrible feeling to realize you have been scammed. Some scammers are so clever and so professional that even our online vigilance is not enough to protect us.
    When we come across a website claiming that we can “Make lots of money fast,” it is time to start checking with the Better Business Bureau before proceeding.

    1. There is many ways to Check out scams. BBB is scam unto itself. Businesses have to pay to use the BBB, so you can see the best parts only come from the business themselves.

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