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Rank: Zero out of ten

Price: $12. Twelve Dollars to Look paid by Credit Card.

Owner:, ¬†2 Parys Ave, Potchefstroom, NW, ZA, 2531,-, , , — South Africa!
Introduction to Survey365 Program

Survey365 landing page

This is the screen shot from Survey365 as you can see his grammar is not very good, this indicates to me he can not spell in English very well or spell. This SPAM comes to me via an email in my inbox. It can be called a phishing attempt, that means the sender is trying to gain an email address and possibly take some of your money by charging your credit card TWELVE Dollars and giving you a list of survey companies that have been untested by me, but if you wish I have provided the link URL to their website landing page so you can review them yourself.   WebsiteURL:

Pros of Survey365:

I do not see any pros to Survey365 program although there are some legitimate online survey companies out there this one is just a scam. My Rating 0 out of 10

Cons of Survey365:

The whole idea of Spam is what I really dislike and this is a junk email that I had to write about¬†because it is not the first time I’ve¬†seen survey spam emails in my inbox. I did my research on this company and I really could not find that much, which means it is very new in terms of how long this one has been out there. Nothing on the facebook page in the way of posts or pictures and there is also nothing about it on twitter and a couple of websites have checked into it and have come up with the same results. There are several different versions of this scam on the internet, but ultimately¬†they all lead to the same result, You getting RIPPED OFF and Embarrassed.

Rejected Stamp

Who is survey365 for?

Survey365 is for people who what to take online surveys and make a small amount of money in a short period of time. It’s great for people who have lots of time and not much money or just a good time killer because it would take most of the day to fill out a bunch of surveys in order to make enough money to justify the time spent doing them.

Training and tools:

If you can use a computer keyboard and a mouse you can do online surveys. Most surveys are consumer based questionnaires and can be completed in ten to 20 minutes and there are many legit companies providing this service but not Survey365.


The price to start Survey365 is $12 Twelve dollars you can pay by Credit card, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, and others. Why waste your money on a SCAM.

Survey365 is a rip-off¬†SCAM, spam email. Don’t get caught on this SCAM the originator is in South Africa¬†and once he has your money guaranteed¬†you will never ever see another email or any of the benefits that its list of survey companies hold for you because it is a¬†SCAM.


I saw an email address for Survey365, but it is a personal and free email so that it is probable, not real.

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