My personal review of Amway

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My personal review of ¬†AMWAY/Quixtar’s

Amway combines direct selling with  multi-level,  marketing.

Amway products include Soap SA8 is the big seller, makeup, hair care, cleaning products, Vitamins, Home Alarm systems, Food, water filtration systems, cars and pretty much everything you can think of.

Amway is owned by Alticore.

Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos  Founded Amway in 1959. 

Learn about Amway at

There is no Affiliate¬†Marketing Program except for the up-line training you will be required to undertake. Books, Cd’s and live seminars at hotel board rooms that you will have to pay admission to attend in your Town. ¬†kitchen tables near you will be where¬†the recruiters¬†will come ¬†and show you and your friends the plan.

Cost: $62.00

I give Amway a score of  2/10.

          • My personal review of ¬†AMWAY The Good: Personal Review of¬†Amway.

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        • PRO #1 ¬†The training system is very good, but you buy the books CDs¬†and stationery for your business which is good for your PV(personal volume)



        • PRO #2 ¬†You meet great people from all walks of life trying to make a buck from a home based business. BV(business volume) If you don’t sell them the PLAN you can sell them the products, well at least that is the basic idea.



        • PRO #3 ¬†You get to travel around the country trying to recruit people into your business by going into their homes and sitting with them and showing them the Amway Independent¬†business owners sales and marketing plan.



        • PRO#4 ¬†The products and services you get in Amway’s¬†system is very good quality and I would recommend you try them. ¬† amway marketing diagram The Bad: ¬†My personal review of Amway



        • CON #1 ¬†The products you purchase¬†from Amway¬†will be shipped via courier¬†and the small orders will cost as much as the shipping.



        • CON #2 ¬†You will pay more for your products than if you bought them at a regular retail store. You Personal Volume will cost over $100 dollars¬†per month and this will be for stuff you probably¬†don’t¬†use in your daily normal life. If you don’t make you Business Volume you won’t get any bonus due to you for your Personal Volume. So get out there and show the plan and get new recruits.



        • CON#3¬†You will be told that the ratio of plans shown to people recruited¬†is 10 to 1, the reality is more like 100 to 1. Most people will quit because they will spend more money on products than they make.



        • CON#4 ¬† The training system ¬†is designed to turn you into an Amway salesperson¬†with the books and Cd’s¬†and seminars, you have to pay individually as you advance through the ranks.

          AMWAY’s name is short for Americas Way this was done in 1959¬†Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos.



        • AMWAY Tools & Training The training system books that are available at any bookstore. The CD’s are made by The Diamonds and Emeralds who have large businesses’s they are generally recorded at large events and have poor quality sound. The seminars you will be required to attend will cost you money to enter and the fuel in you car to get there is out of your pocket as well.



        • AMWAY Support: There is a money back guarantee on the products they sell, but it’s always buyer beware. Amway Cost:¬†$62.00 to get started and after that you’ll¬†buy books tapes CDs¬†pay for seminars and big regional events and ¬†weekend trips to other countries.



        • My Final Opinion of AMWAY I do not recommend AMWAY. In the long run, if you stay with it long enough you can spend a lot more $ than you will make and they don’t care as long as your paying for your products in a timely manner. The up-line will use you for all of your contacts so that they can build a larger business for themselves.



        • Rejected Stamp



        • AMWAY at a Glance… Name: Amway. Website:¬† Price: $62.00 Overall ¬†Rank: 2 out of 10. VERDICT: LEGIT but I don’t¬†recommend this business. There is no guarantee of income with any business. Stay far away from this one.



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While I am not impressed nor do I Endorse the Amway Business model in any way shape or form I can Show you Amway products and a few examples  of pricing of the products that Amway offers.


Behind the Smoke and Mirrors BY Ruth Carter a former Amway distributor and employee of an Amway diamond distributor. Ruth was an insider and understands the inner workings of the Amway Pyramid business plan and how harmful and cultish the Amway brainwashing system can be and how difficult it can be to get out of the Amway business.

I posted my Question Have you been scammed by AMWAY? and these are the answers That I received.

It’s a legit business, that you’ll have to work at. You can make money if you put in the required time.
My Reply:
I know quite a few people that put in a lot of time, money and effort and never made any money
I never was involved with Amway myself, but I know a couple that did very well with them.
My Reply:
True some people do make some money but I am assuming that their network of friends was large and influential¬†so that helped propel their¬†business forward and I am happy to hear that Amway’s¬†business model worked out well for them. Unfortunately¬†, 99% of Amway distributors make No money in the business and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the training system that consists of tapes and books and DVDs and CD’s as well as weekends at conventions that cost thousands of dollars for booking hotels and paying for meals, fuel and travel costs. That is probably what they did not tell you.
Hi, Dan: Been in many MLM’s, Amway (Quixtar), Excel, Herbal-life, Melaleuca, phone cards (my first one) and I have absolutely no complaints.I learned a lot and especially that those who followed the program teaching and worked the hardest made the most money.Most of the people I have met that have anger and deep regrets are people who believed unauthorized lies by sponsors and entered these programs because they really believed you could do nothing, or next to nothing and get rich beyond our wildest dreams instantly.If I broke even over the years, great. If I lost a bunch of money, great! Good experience and training is worth money. I know that I am not in the least bitter, have wonderful friends to this day who I met in MLMs and wouldn’t change a thing.


My Reply:

Fred, I am glad you enjoyed the experience, but for a lot of people that got hooked into the systems and never gained a cent and spent thousands of dollars on it I truly feel for them. This is why I have started to write this blog about the Amway experience.


Didn’t we just do this for Herbalife?
Let me give you just my opinion of products like Herbalife or Amway. Usually, the products are so good that they practically sell themselves. You just have to get people to try them.The easiest way to do that is;
-Try them yourself.
– If you Like them… tell somebody else.That happens to be exactly what I do with the products I recommend on my website.If the products and the company really stink they won’t be in business for too long. Both of these companies have been around for decades.
Just my Opinion.
My Reply:I always said I thought the products were very good.I think personally now that its been 20 years since I was involved in the Amway business and some of the stories and nightmares that I have heard about,  i thought I should spend some time writing articles to pre-advise people thinking about entering the system/business to have a really close look at your own finances, and then check them out closely before getting involved.
Away like any other MLM is a number game. The more downline you have, then you can profit from it.
My Reply:
You are right about the numbers game. The more people you can get this plan in front of the better your chances are. The odds are about 100 to 1 roughly. Considering only 1% make a living from the business and 99% do all the work for them!
Honestly, I don’t think Amway is bad. I just found a better opportunity. Amway is to the MLM industry what a general practitioner is to the field of practicing physicians. You have your general practitioner and you have your specialist.
My Reply:
I am so happy you did find a better opportunity because i do not endorse Amway as a business for anyone who thinks their going to get rich as all my stats have shown only 1% of all distributors make money in Amway and of those distributors 1% of those ever make it big enough to be called millionaires.
I was invited to Amway presentations twice. It was a waste of time. I didn’t like the idea of selling to my friends and family.
I also inquired at CRA(Canadian Revenue Agency), and was told they HATE Amway business.
My Reply. I can see why The CRA does not¬†like Amway. Because of the unpaid taxes that all the distributors don’t claim from sales of product and the training material that comes from another source.
I agree with you, Dan. I was talked into joining Amway several years’ ago and found I was spending more money than I was making – I don’t think made any at all. I had to buy the products and then try and sell them. What I hated was trying to talk friends into buying the products – which I refused to do! So consequently my Amway experience was very short – no money but I ended up with lots of left over Amway products. I certainly would never recommend this business to anyone either.
My Reply. I had to leave for that reason I ran out of people to show the PLAN so when that happens the upline is not interested¬†in working with you, because they can’t build under you and make a profit from your friends. Now every one I talked to back then is not even friends with me.

10 thoughts on “My personal review of Amway”

  1. Hi Dan

    I’ve heard a lot about Amway, it must be the most famous MLM ever. But I’ver never seen such a thorough and complete review of it. I like the way you mix objective facts with subjective opinion.

    You certainly helped me make my mind up. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your praise of the Amway review. I have been in other MLMs Amway is poisonous, if you don’t make it in the first couple of months you have to get out before you lose your shirt. Try Wealthy Affiliate free.

  2. It has been a long time since I had heard anything about Amway. They had troubles back then as well. I love your review on Amway, could use a bit more information on WA though.

    1. Amway had some huge trouble in India a few years ago. They had a money pyramid going on between many of the members so the Indian government shut them down. Many of the members were charged and some did jail time. Amway India (Andhra Pradesh and Kerala)Pyramid scheme accusations from An article in Wikipedia. Dr. Phil and Shape Up is another case where Amway products were involved and it goes on. It may not be a scam, but I don’t know of many people that make a living from Amway. There is a page on this Website dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate Not a scam 2015.
      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn how to build and use websites to make Money.

  3. Hi! I have personally never sold Amway, but I’ve had friends that say that hassling friends and family just wasn’t worth it. Like anything, it has to feel right before you can endorse anything. Thanks for your review. Danielle

    1. I agree with them, That was the part of the business I did not like at all. Bothering people to join or to buy Amway was a real pain in the butt and that was back in the early 1990s before the internet days. Now I guess it is a little more different with more people looking to make a buck with our economy the way it is these days. Then again from my research it sounds like it has not changed a bit.
      1% make the big bucks and 99% do all the work.

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    Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your
    new updates.

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