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Thomas Duda

1* Have you ever been scammed online?(before you started your Website or since.)

Thomas Duda.

I have been lucky enough that my wife researches everything. I was close to falling for two scams. One was an apartment scam where they wanted me to send money to them overseas and the other was a classic job scam where they offered to send a check that of course, would have been fake.


My Reply:

Tom, sounds like your wife is one smart cookie. I have written about both of these scams on a lot of the time these scammer get away with it because some not all people don’t bother to do the footwork/homework that’s involved in researching real estate rentals or leasing. Jobs scams are big business for scammers send them some money especially by check Western Union or money order and they disappear right away.


2* How do you avoid online scams?

Thomas Duda:

I don’t avoid them.

They always find their way into my inbox. I, of course, avoid being scammed and that comes with education. For instance, If I am informed that I won a lottery I never entered, or am offered a job I never applied for we know it’s a scam.

It does go further than I that though. There are the scams that hijack your email client and will use your contact’s address to send scam emails.

The best advice I can give is: Assume everything is a scam. Then research it.  Take notice of the actual email addresses that are attached to an email address.

If a bank sends you a warning from gmail, it is a scam. Also, look at the URL’s in the links.

My Reply:

I have had most of the scams you talk about in my inbox as well I have seen the lottery one at least once a week for 20 years in the time i have been online. I had a friend tell me I was  sending strange email, I have had my email hijacked and as soon talked to him I changed my password and Knock on wood it hasn’t happened since. One time about 2 years ago A bank that I don’t have an account with sent me a notification. I verified the scam with The Imperial Bank of Commerce and they assured me they don’t notify by email.


3*What advice would you give a newbie (Let us assume it’s a senior) to keep from being scammed.

Thomas Duda:

Have an internet mentor, We are all willing to help newbies. They should not trust anything on the internet and always ask questions of someone they trust.

My Reply:

Yes , it can be a daunting task learning how to use a computer, but is a lot of fun using the internet once you have learned the ins and outs of surfing for information from website to website. I think you should get some lessons from someone who has had some experience, that way you don’t get scammed by some hacker trying to make a fast buck from your inexperience.


4*You say you are a Scam Baiter what exactly is that?

Thomas Duda:

It is simple.

Mess with the scammers pretending to be a naive person that believes in what they are doing. Then waste as much of their time as possible.  Many scammers operate out of internet cafes in their countries, It is costing them money to be online. So when we waste their time, it really prevents a real person from getting scammed. I always like to think I am saving someone’s grandmother or grandfather, from being scammed.


My Reply:

Yes I think what you do is of great service to people that don’t know about scams especially very young kids that sneak on to the internet without their parents permission or for Older folks who have just not had any experience using the internet in the past. Since the internet has not been around all that long. Most older folks had more useful things to do like read books and raise grandchildren.


5*How long have you personally been using the internet?

Thomas Duda:

I have been in it since the beginning. I think it was 1990 when I really first used it

My Reply:

I started using the internet in 95 when windows became point and click it was much easier than Dos and computers by that time had become a manageable size.


6*How many times have you used your skill as a scam baiter.

Thomas Duda:

Well, more than I can count but most of them have been very goofy and brief encounters. I think I have seven on my website now where I seriously documented the interactions. Of course, I will continue it. It is addicting and so funny that there will be many more to come.

My Reply:

I don’t have that much patience for them but i am learning from you that it can be fun messing their heads and wasting their time like you do.


I would like to thank Thomas Duda for his time answering my questions today. Read more about Thomas and his business on his website link below.


Until next Time.



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6 thoughts on “Interview with a Scam Baiter.”

  1. I love this conversation. So funny I can only imagine how fun it would be to scam the scammer. I really liked the tips on having older people in our lives have internet mentors that can help them avoid being taken advantage of. My great aunt was recently scared out of a lot of her money and she had had to sell her home and move in with her daughter. So sad when people do awful things like that.

    1. Hi Heather, I am sorry to hear about your Aunts misfortune and losing all that money. This is one of the reasons I post scam and virus alerts so that people won’t get caught off guard and get ripped off. Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate is a totally legit and honest company to deal with, they have a great service you should check it out.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for educating people on not falling for these scams, and they are everywhere!
    If it sounds too good to be true, it simply is.
    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Shawn, and thanks for your comment you are absolutely right about that, but people still get caught in scams no matter how much we try to educate them. That is why I keep doing these updates on scams and Viruses.

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