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Free Internet scam and Security Review 

Free internet scam & security review. Weekly updates about scams to be aware of all around the internet.

Here is a new scam for you. It happened in Toronto[ click here for the full story]

Five most Dangerous Viruses of all time

 Facebook picture


Here are 10 Facebook scams to Avoid!


1. Guess who viewed your profile. This app claims to show you which of your friends have, Viewed your profile. Actually the app, if authorized by you, will install a spying and spamming virus on your computer so avoid this little bugger.

2. Explicit video or photos of a friend. This claims to show you nasty pictures of friends and loved ones. You will be asked to upgrade your Adobe flash player, but they will install a virus on your computer.fake flash player jpg

3.Fake ads for products and services. Bit-defender identified 50,000 fake domains claiming to sell Pharmaceuticals and dating services. Again it is just another way to install spyware on your computer.

4.Morbid images, This app claims to show violent images of a woman being beaten by her husband. If you sign up you are installing Malware on you computer.morbid video scam

Bit Defender tells us that these attacks a becoming more common because children are becoming more tolerant of violent imagery and being allowed to view this without their parents knowledge. That’s how it gets installed on many computers.Bitdefender jpg

5. Some funny videos. Some of these funny or comedy style videos will have you install special software to run on your computer, but all they do once again is install a virus on you system.  The most famous video circulating currently is Emma Watson of Harry Potter movie fameemma watson scam video

6. Some older folks got a message from a friend claiming a large prize win, but could not claim the prize unless they sent some money to his attorney up front. The victim talked to the scammer/ attorney via Facebook and sent him 4 payment Via ¬†Moneygram totaling= over $3000 dollars. Eventually, they figured out it was a scam and reported it to the police. ¬†So what, we learn from this is if your friend sends you a $money request on facebook then it’s probable a scam and their¬†account has been hacked. No matter what do not send money to friends on social networks even if it looks real. The scammer set up accounts with fake addresses and telephone numbers in order to steal money. Western union Moneygram and other company’s¬†like that make it difficult for the police to trace the transactions. Alert your senior friends of this scam and make sure they have strong passwords to protect their¬†social media accounts.

Here are a few more for you to review.


1.Snap chat. {The top 10 hottest snap chats ever}  it is another Malware download to attack your computer. Snap chat is owned by Facebook and is an instant photo sharing site.snap chat scam jpg

2.¬†The Big Prize Giveaway.¬†They claim to give away trips to Disney theme parks, Big luxury Automobiles, Sports cars, 4×4’s. Guess what another scam to put a virus on your computer and cost you money. The pages are often renamed and are used to spam with scam ads to sell you nothing and steal your hard earned cash. Here is an example image.prize scam jpg

3. Danger Targets. Kijiji and other yard sale pages are targeting unsuspecting people and luring them to places to steal their goods, Possessions and money and in some cases being violent and using guns and knives and other weapons.


4.Facebook Identification scams. Computer thieves known as hackers will break into a personal profile page and steal your identification, then ask friends and family for money posing as you for money because they are having financial difficulties. Here is an example image.i d scam


5.Facebook color change. Thieves (Hackers) have created an app that appears at first to change the color of the default Facebook pages to your choice. But really all this application does is open your page for an identification theft after you sign up to the page. By the way, this one has been around for quite some time. So watch out for this one. Here is an example imagecolor change scam notice


So how do we avoid these scams? Facebook is tightening up on their security issues so we can have a more enjoyable experience.



Here are, my top 5 tips for strong security online.

1- Pick a strong password with lots of jumbled letters and numbers and don’t share with anyone.

2- Use as many extra security features that are available.

3- Use your highest privacy settings and try to limit the amount of private and personal information.

4-Disconnect your internet on devices like games and smartphones when you are not using them, This will limit the chances of a hacker getting your personal information. Also this way the criminals won’t be able to use your devices to harm others or commit crimes.

5-Keep your anti-virus programmes up to date doing this makes it near impossible for hackers to infiltrate your system.


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Avoid Online scams.

Online Scams come in Bushels of thousands. The American government in 2008 Received over 11,000 Complaints about online scams.

Here Are some tips to Avoid Online scams.


1. Beware of Emails with links that fake email and URL address’, misspelled words and bad grammatical errors should raise a red flag right away.zredflag

2.Criminal scams usually originate from countries where English is not the first language.

email scam sample security Fake Email screenshot

 Fake Email screenshot.


3. Some scam jobs offer Salaries and promise Benefits that are too good to be true.



4. Hired on the internet without an interview is also too good to be true so watch out for those as job interview



5. Don’t give out your Social Security Numbers, credit card or Banking information.¬†Your information can be used by criminal organizations to steal your identity and, your $MONEY$

i d card female security

i d card male security







6. Never Give money up front for a job or a loan, Because when you are done with the transaction your money is gone.shopper scam ad text


7. The Secret Shopper scam

Don’t wire money with Western Union or Money Gram or send prepaid gift cards or codes. This is the preferred method of the Secret Shopper scam to steal your money. They will give you a Fake check and then ask you to cash it at the bank. when you get the money from the bank you keep a % for yourself and then buy gift cash cards and load them with money you withdraw from the bank. The scam is their fake check can bounce weeks later and then you will have to pay the bank out of your own Pocket. This can also lead to a criminal charge against you for bank fraud. What I learned from this is, Research secret shopper opportunities¬†online. Not all of them are scams.

Follow this link to a story about The secret shopper scam.


8. Get Rich schemes without any work involved. We all know that’s a lie.we get rich



9. Reshipping items are purchased with stolen credit card, then you forward the items outside of the country, makes it difficult to track down the goods and money when the transaction is complete.reshipping scam security




Here is another scam for you to avoid. Let’s say you are going out to look for a car, motorcycle, Boat, RV or some other big ticket item.This term cooling off really means nothing a scammer will ask you for a cash payment for the item you want to buy and then after you find out all the accident, mechanical and theft details its to late the sale is done and they have already taken your¬†cash and put it in their bank or spent it. The moral of this story is buyer cooling on ice



Now that EBOLA has reared its ugly head again in Africa over 100 new charity scams have sprung up. These so-called Charity’s¬†are asking for money, clothing, food and other types of donations to help the victims and their¬†families. Although¬†not all may be scams. Be careful who you give your money to.ebola scam alert




I can speak from personal experience on this scam. My wife god bless her got caught in this scam. In the middle of the day when I wasn’t home she got a call from a man claiming to be from {Microsoft}. The pressure tactic that they used was to strike fear in you by telling you that your computer has thousands of viruses in it and that you have to let them install a remote patch to get inside your computer¬†and clean out the bad virus-ridden files. Guess what? She let them in. The scam continues from there. when the hackers get inside they install spyware and malware in your computer. They don’t tell you this, but they then show you a fake virus report and demand you pay them $100 and use your credit card number to pay to remove the viruses from your computer. Luckily¬†the red flags went up when the scammer asked for a credit card. She then ended the call and contacted {Microsoft} And was informed that they never call people¬†and ask for money or fix virus problems over the telephone.

  Up next is another Micro soft scam Report from Great Britan. Andover, UK. 

A British couple Janey And Allan Jones Had a close call with the Fake Microsoft scam team. They live in Upper Clatford, UK.

These poor folks paid just over $93 to have their computer repaired after the scammers managed to get into the Jones’ computer. Now the couple is spreading the word about the scam. They got a cold call and Mrs. Jones granted access to her computer to the con-men after they convinced her that the computer had a series of serious viruses in its programming, which, in fact, were FAKE. The scammers offer her a protection plan for $130 or 5 years for $393. Mrs. Jones quickly handed over her bank details and the scammers tried to cash in, but later she was told the transfer of money had failed, Thank goodness.

Later on after the call Lloyd’s bank called her and warned her that she was being scammed and to shut her computer off right away.

Mrs. Jones was physically shaken by the incident and so angry she had been taken by the scam it brought her to tears.

The scam has been going full tilt in her area for quite some time according to computer expert Ed Bernard, owner of Elpatech a computer repair business in the area.  Generally he would receive a call every couple of weeks but as of late has had over 10 calls asking if this is a real threat and has had to repair several computer with various amounts of damage done to them by these malicious hackers. This scam has been going on for several years.

A statement on Microsoft‚Äôs official website states: ‚ÄúEither neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) to charge you for computer security or software fixes.‚ÄĚ ¬†‚ÄúNever give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm that it is a legitimate representative of a computer support team with whom you are already a customer.‚ÄĚ

Below is an audio Example



The online house or apartment rental scam appears on all of the free advertising¬†websites¬†such as Craigslist, Angie’s¬†list, Kijiji and many others. The scammer will offer a property or apartment with a price $ that is too good to be true. Then they will ask for your first and last months rent security deposit and key deposit. Hey, guess what? You just got ripped off and that thief¬†got away with all of that money. Let’s hope it never happens to you or me. This scam has been used thousands of times and will be used again. I can give you a ¬†scenario that has been used.

The scammer will place an ad online for a home ask for the cash deposit by western union or a money order and of course he is temporarily out of town or the country. When it comes to moving day there is no place to live because it was a scam. You can Use a search engine like google to check phone numbers and addresses of landlords its free you will be surprised at what you will find.

Here is a Real estate scam story from ABC News.

Just looking through google alerts today I found another example of an online rental/ real estate scams.

This time it happened to a young woman in ST. Thomas Ontario. She was looking at apartment ads on Kijiji and found an apartment she thought she would like to live in. The poster of the ad included pictures of the apartment and also requested a deposit of $1000 before he would mail the key to the woman.The fraudulent landlord lived out of town and could not be present for the transaction, She sent the money by mail and then a few days later received the key by mail, This is always a bad idea. The following day she went out looking for the house and when she arrived found the house was for sale and her key would not open the door. She then contacted the police and was informed that she had been defrauded and that her money was lost.

Unfortunately, this happens frequently on the internet. Never send money before you do homework  on real estate transactions conducted through the mail or money transfers to people you have never met in person and always get a legal written contract from the landlord and furthermore if you are not sure of what you are signing have a real estate lawyer look it over to be sure it is a legal document.

Visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website ( ‚Äď The agency keeps an up-to-date database on fraud-related crimes in Canada. The public can learn more about different types of fraud, ways to protect themselves and report incidents as well.


Nepal earthquake appeal scams

This week it looks like the scammers are at it again trying to take money from people by appealing to their Hearts.

Several messages with links pointing to websites have appeared this week begging for donations to go to the¬†victims of the devastating earthquake that occurred in Nepal¬†this past week. This a scam. They ask for your personal information and credit card numbers. They look like legitimate websites, but they definitely are not. They have duplicated the websites of many charitable organisations¬†and are doing a good job of stealing¬†information and using credit cards to their¬†advantage. Only donate to The Red Cross’s true website [] or other organisations that can be authenticated.

Malware Attacks

Many social media posts and videos will invite you to see shocking video of The Nepal¬†tragedy, but instead you get redirected to a page that will attempt to load malware, spyware and virus¬†worms on to your computer using damaging code inserted into your software programs. They will try to trick you by using the names of legit news agencies like CNN, ABC, Ect… These links are poisonous and can harm your computer and cost you money.

Search for this information using Google alerts or your favorite news outlet on the internet. Do not open emails from sources you do not know they also may contain malware and redirects to pages that will download to your computer.

Facebook Survey

This is another way to attack your computer by getting you on to a fake page and answering a bunch of fake surveys in order to watch shocking video footage. This way hackers can download malware and viruses without you knowing.

Beware of messages that ask you like and share the content before watching it this is another way to spread the virus to your friends.

The scammer will also try to get you click on their fake affiliate links in order for you to buy fake products and steal your credit information.

The links to avoid end with (dot).com, The legitimate websites end with (dot).org like,,

Do not fall for fake schemes it is just another way to steal your money and destroy you computer.

Most reputable organizations will not ask for cash or cheques in a personal name. If the money has to sent by Western Union it is probably going to be a scam.

Source for my story:

How to help Nepal: 7 vetted charities doing relief work following the earthquake



Ransomeware screenshot

There is a scam going around right now and it has been going around for a long time known as Ransomware. Lets hope that you have been able to avoid this messy little bug it will infect your computer and your smartphone.

Ransomware is a type of virus that will lock up specific secret files in your computer or device and only the hacker that put it there is able to remove it for you.

The FBI is warning computer and smartphone users of  increasing occurrences in the U.S.A.

CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, are thought to have bilked millions of and CryptoWall, Have been used to steal $millions of dollars from computer and smartphone users in Japan, Australia, and many other countries.

Websense internet security says they have detected more than 2 million intrusions of CryptoLocker  in more than 60% of computers in use in Australia.

The newer version of the virus going around the world now is using References to The television show Breaking Bad to attack computers worldwide, according to Symantec.

Norton scurity by Symantec logo

These nasty little Ransomware viruses go through your files and without your knowledge attach themselves and encrypts the file using 256 bit AES encryption.  The only way to decrypt the files is with the code that is held by the scammer/hacker and that will cost you $money$

 For your information:

This type of Ransomware will attach to children’s photos, wedding video, financial spreadsheets of your small business, word files, and generally user-generated content most of which is personal in detail.

To get your files back, you will look at paying $300 to¬†$600. The price isn’t too high so that you will not just abandon the files. This price is the same everywhere otherwise the hacker/scammer would overprice and people would just refuse to pay.

How do I Get my files Back you ask?

The hackers will let you use prepaid credit cards or bitcoins, money transfers like Western Union or Moneygram.

The scammers¬†do not care who gets infected by the virus as long as they get paid to remove the Ransomware. Let’s face it it’s a business for the hackers to remove the virus so in good faith they usually do.

The way to avoid this scam is to back up your computer files to a secure data storage device or system backup or data discs or portable hard drives. 

Source Material:

Five Ways to Protect yourself from a Ransomware Attack

AT&T ThreatTraq Bits 

Twelve more Tips To Prevent Ransomware


Malware/ Trojan Virus attached to Facebook Messenger Video

This scam sounds like the Cryptolocker Virus scam that I just wrote about in my last article. The difference is that you get the virus through a video spreading through Facebook messenger. They have disguised the virus as a Youtube ¬†video with a private video component with your name attached as if it were sent to you by a friend. But if you click on ¬†it does not link to Youtube in turn the URL is from an unknown source. I won’t put the URL¬†on my page for security purposes. Malwarebytes security has alerted us of this virus.

More tips for Avoiding Telephone Fraud

Most, colleges university don’t list student phone numbers in their online directories, Scammers may use the directories for other information, like the students’ majors, and social media accounts to gain knowledge on the victims to appear credible.

Here are a few tips for you Avoid telephone Fraud

1. Ok so if you are contacted by phone by one of those scammers and they ask for payment for some kind of fine a penalty and they ask for you to pay with an online system like Paypal or any companies like that it is a fraud.

2. You think the call is a fraud, but it sounds legitimate first ask where the caller got the information from and if you are pressed for more information from them that is personal DO NOT give them any pin # or bank information and hang up.

3. Use your highest privacy settings on social media and try to limit the amount of private and personal information as well as pictures and videos. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know.

4. Let’s say you get a call from police demanding Cash hang up right away and call the local police and verify that the identity of the person who called you is legitimate.

5. You get a call from the office or school administration demanding payment for something you don’t have knowledge of then hang up and call the school office and verify the correct information.

The New smart TV,s Can Be susceptible to Ransomware.

Yes, believe it or not your smart tv,s can be susceptible to Ransomware viruses. The only way you can get them is if you are connected  by an internet router and a first party app from the app store on your smart TV. So be careful about which applications you choose to install and use on your new smart tv or it cost you hundreds of dollares to repair that shinny new piece of TV technology you just puchased with your hard earned dollars.

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