Fraud Targets 1-8

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Thier are several different types of people that can be targeted for fraud on the internet. these are a few of the examples that you will find in everyday life, I am sure you have met a few in your life.
Have you been a victim of a fraud and if so why did you get targeted. are you one of these poor soles?

1 White Men:

The men that are usually taken are white men because usually it’s an investment Fraud and these days who isn’t looking for a way to make money from a great investment.

2 Seniors:

Older folks always seem to be in the news because they have been taken for large sums of money. The Main reasonĀ is they seem to be more trusting and easier to fool. As we age cognition for emotion goes down ad makes it more difficult to spot a fraud.

3 Young People:

Really? Yes, young people are easily scammed as well. They don’t fall for the same as older people. Young people will fall for a vanity scam before a distress message especially young women who what to stay young and healthy looking.

4 People who live in Florida:

Floridians, seem to get scammed more frequently than other places. The population of retired is very high thus the ratio is higher for seniors fraud.

5 Lonely people:

Since there areĀ so many dating sites out there is numerous scammers seem to flock to the lonely in order to get money from the men and women that use these services. By posing as potential mates scammers will use emotion and sexuality as a means to extort money.

6 Internet users:

There thousands of fraud on the internet starting each day. Eventually someone is going to get caught in a trap and lose money to a fraud. Hopefully by reading posts like this, people can learn how to spot one and avoid getting trapped. in a fraud.

7 People in Debt:

Desperate time and desperate measures; folks who are in heavy debt are always looking for a way out and that’s is where the scammers come swooping in and devise a way to steal what’s left of the cash you have left.

8 Computer users:

Scammers will call you up and tell you, you a have 200 viruses on your computer then ask you to give them remote access Ā to your computer and then put the virus on your computer and charge you a couple of hundred dollars to remove it. Many seniors get caught in this fraud because of inexperience with computers.

In Conclusion,Ā These just examples and are not meant to show that you and me and the general population are included. We can all use a little more education about our personalities and learn more about how to avoid a fraud in the future.

Thank you for spending some time reading my post, Fraud Targets 1-8 Now please go to another page on my Website and read more About Personal fraud Tales and the people who have had to deal with the consequencesĀ of fraud in their past Lives and how they have learned from the mistakes they have made.

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