Four Corners Alliance Group Just Another Pyramid?

Four Corners Alliance Group Just Another Pyramid?

Four Corners Alliance Group Just Another Pyramid? or is it something more? From my research, this still looks like the same Multilevel Marketing trash.

You ask yourself after reading this page about Four Corners Alliance Group, is this really a good system or am I just heading down another dead end with a bookcase full of recycling for the blue box.

Not mention the amount of upselling and recruiting you have to do to make the amount of money projected in the company sales pitch.

I will point out the pro and cons of Four Corners Alliance Group.


Founder David Harrison originally from Australia and Distributor of Herbalife.    You can read Herbalife scam yes it is.



5550 Painted Mirage Rd. Suite 320

Las Vegas, NV 89149 U.S.A.

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What you want to know.

The first thing you want to know is that Four Corners Alliance Group LLC Just Another Pyramid? or is it a legal Muli-Level marketing company. It is a legal Business. Whether it is ethical is another story.

Four Corners sells personal financial Planning books along with real-estate investment and stock market educational Materials.

Example Of A Pyramid Plan- Matrix PlanPyramid scheme 6 by 6,, Four Corners Alliance Group Just Another Pyramid

The Matrix Plan

Using a 4X6 matrix pyramid system. You start by recruiting four People and then they hopefully recruit 4 people. Then as the pyramid compounds to six levels deep or more, eventually your affiliate matrix could grow to a staggering Four thousand ninety-six people (4096).

I can show the potential numbers with this infographic below, but they probably won’t be accurate and, to be honest, they usually do not show the real amount of money that can be made, just the potential income you might compile.

Read this disclaimer from Four Corners Alliance Group Below.

Income Disclaimer Four Corners Alliance Group (screenshot)
Income Disclaimer

Four Corners Alliance Group infograffic,


The cost to start is $18 after that you will pay an ongoing monthly fee to receive the Four corners newsletter $29.95 and you get an 80% commission from your downline when they sign up for the newsletter. Then with each person you sponsor into the Matrix you get an $18 Eight dollar commission.

You have to get the four ( GOOD LUCK ).

You then a series of to buy several books each of 6 levels which you will receive a commission. The deeper your matrix goes the higher the commission becomes.

By the way, it is all residual income for as long you remain a member of the Four Corners Alliance Group.


Ok, Lets say you can get the four people to start a business with you. You are not going to make a lot of money. They say you will make thousands of $$$$ Dollars but in order to make the big bucks, you will pay for the extra training materials.

Not mention the amount of Promoting, upselling and recruiting you have to do to make the amount of money projected in the company sales pitch.

Level One- books $16 are about learning about the essentials I guess that means the business you have just joined

Level Two- $16 All about becoming a billionaire Investor ( Building the DREAM)

Level three- $33.25 How to get out of your credit card debt, buying life insurance and setting up a living will.

Level four- $79.80 How not to get into debt and identity theft.

Level five- $199.50 Real estate and precious metals investment.

Level six- $399 More about real estate and stock market investing.

Who can benefit from this business– people that have time and money to invest in a Multilevel-Marketing Scheme.

If you don’t have the extra time or money don’t bother, because the longer you stay in and don’t make any sales the more money you will spend on the training/books, which, by the way, are the same books you are actually selling to others that might join your Matrix.

You GOT It! They make money while you stay at home and buy! buy! buy!

Then when you Quit they have your money and you, You have nothing but a bunch of books to throw in the recycling pile or you can start a BONFIRE with them.

Well as you can see by now I am not at all impressed by the system Four Corners Alliance Group uses or the methods that they call THE MATRIX they use to make themselves rich. I will not recommend the company to any of my friends, family or business associates,

I hope we are friends now too.

Now let me recommend a Great Education Product called

Wealthy Affiliate University


Prices and features for free and premium members, four corners alliance,, Four corners alliance group