Fake Microsoft Scam Call Stories Plus Q and A

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Fake Microsoft Scam Stories.

This page will be about Fake Microsoft Scam Stories. These stories have been shared by my friends and colleagues at Wealthy Affiliate, as well as from my own personal experience. You see my wife got scammed one day while I was at work they got into my computer and installed some software, but I had it removed by the geek squad the same day.


I am sure by now that most people that are tech savvy have heard about the computer hackers calling your home posing as Fake Microsoft virus detection specialists. Some use Dell or Apple and they are usually calling from India or Pakistan or some other country in southeast Asia. You can tell they are calling from these places because the English that they speak is not very good. I am sure that somehow they have hacked the phone lines because every time they call it is from a strange phone number or a blocked number.

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In the event that you get a call from these guys here is a list of things not to do.

  1. Do not under any circumstances give them your name.
  2. Do not give them your credit card number. 
  3. Do not give them your bank account number.
  4. Do not give them your social media names.
  5. Do not give them a point of access to your computer by going to their website to install their remote viewing software, this is where they will send you so they can install spyware and Malware programs so that they can steal your Identification, Social insurance numbers, Bank account number and passwords.

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I asked this Question on Wealthy Affiliate.

 Have you had the phony Microsoft tech scam call?

I got several answers to my question that I am going to share with you I am sure you will enjoy them.


I’ve had them call several times. At first I was nice about it and just told them I was not interested and to please take me off their list and then hung up. As they continued calling I told them they had called me x amount of times. I am not interested and don’t call me again. When they persisted I told them there are real jobs they could get and I even recommended a few sites where they could find legitimate work from home jobs. Usually, they would just hang up on me. Now if they call I just hang up.
My Reply:
Thank you, Leanne, you have been very patient with them I can see that you are savvy and won’t get caught in their Fake Microsoft Scam.
I’ve gotten that call several times, too¬†and am always armed with knowledge, thankfully, that makes them go away (or makes them very puzzled!). In the most common one, a person calls and says “I am from Microsoft and am seeing that you are having problems with your Windows.” hmmm. Ridiculous — how do you see my computer (which I know they cannot)? So I ask them about that¬†and even ask things like what they’re seeing for my IP address. It always immediately goes back to “We’re just calling because we see problems with your Windows.”
I sometimes ask which Microsoft location they’re calling from. (Clearly calling from another country) one caller told me “uhh… Washington.” (Yes, MS is based in WA state, but I just had to ask further. I don’t know — I just like to have fun with clueless telemarketers). “Where in Washington?” I ask (MS is in Redmond). “uhh… Washington, D.C. Yes, we are calling you from Microsoft in Washington, D.C.” I started to tell one caller that there’s a difference between the two Washingtons, and then he hung up.
You asked a couple brief questions here on the forum, and I went on and on, but I just have so, so many things to say about telemarketers. Gotta have fun with them!
My Reply:
David, you have obviously done your homework when it comes to scams and internet rip-offs. Unfortunately, not everyone is computer savvy and can use a little education when it comes to the internet, especially when it comes to our seniors and people that do not have any internet experience.
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Hi, L. Yes that’s a good one. Recommend they go to my website to learn about Internet Marketing and WA. There is no need to be too nice to random callers who just lie to you.
 My reply:
Thanks, RJ I would recommend my site here to check out scams and how to avoid being scammed online. I do not think being rude is the answer to all random callers but in a case like these fake tech guys it is well warranted. I probably would not even give them that much courtesy.
I get telemarketers all the time calling me, the ones that annoy me are the ones I can’t even understand, if you are going to have a phone job, just make sure people can understand what you are talking about lol, just saying.
My Reply:
¬†You will find these days with a¬†large influx¬†of people coming from southeast Asia that most of the English speaking skills are not great. Most are educated and young, but the lack of their grammar skill is the tell-tale sign that it’s going to be a scam or something or service you didn’t call them for in the first place, like this Fake Microsoft Scam or some duct cleaning or carpet cleaning¬†service.
1. annoyed 2. Act stupid and tell them we just replaced our windows last month because of air leaks. I then go on to tell them how happy we are with our new double hung, Pella windows and how nice the gentleman that installed them was. ūüôā
My Reply:
 Thank you, Jean. Even though you were annoyed by them you did have a
 sense of humor when dealing with them. That is the most original way I have heard of to deal with these scammers so far I will have to use that one myself and I am glad you replied to my question.
Haven’t had the call yet, but if I get it I’ll respond with JeanL’s routine. Actually, I didn’t know that scam,¬†was still around. I know Microsoft sued the ears off these guys a couple of years ago. Are they back?
My Reply:

Microsoft in December 2014 filed a lawsuit against Omnitech in federal court.Microsoft sues tech support scammers for trademark violation, https://jobsover50.ca


In 2012, The federal Trade Commission Cracked down on this practice but it seems that it keeps coming back.
Microsoft has received over 65,000 Fake call complaints since May 2014.
I’ve had several and so have my friend who works with computers. I was instructed not to give any information and above all not to give them access to my computer.When I received the first call, I just politely let them know that I did not make decisions on my computer and that they would have to talk with my tech. That’s when I realized that I should disregard their calls.
My Reply:
You are smart to say that to the scammers. There are a lot of people who would fall for it and go along with them. Now that I know more about this scam I can pass along all the information to my readers about this and many others that I am researching on my website.
when I’ve gotten those calls I drag it out and waste their time! I don’t give out any info they can use… in fact I just make up stuff as I go! If I have the time I’ll do this… but if I’m busy I just hang up! But either way I also add them to my do not call list on my android. So the next time they call my cell phone hangs up on them!! ha ha ha!!! The app leaves a record of denied calls so even if I’m away from my cell¬†when I return I get a laugh!Even today this woman calls and tries to get me to buy pens with my construction business name printed on them. She said 150 pens for $364. When I laughed she took off 10% …. I continued to play the game, but I would not give her my c.c. number… she kept getting frustrated! The price kept dropping! She got all the way down to $99 for 150 pens!!!! ha ha ha! But I kept stalling and flirting with her and getting her somewhat nervous! Then the price dropped to $75!!! By now I was getting mad as I said those pens are worthless as you started at $364 and now you are at $75!! She had a lame excuse that she had to empty these pens out of the warehouse to make room for more! That’s when I started laughing uncontrollably!Finally out of frustration she said $49 for just a hundred pens! I finally said goodbye! I guess I could have worked her down to next to nothing, but I was upset that she would scam me thinking I would buy those cheap pens! Have you ever been called by these pen scammers?
My Reply:
Some people do not have the same fun experience as you have had with our scammer pals. Many older folks even a lot of young ones get caught off guard because they are uninformed about these kinds of scams. I just hope that more folks read this and see what’s going on around the internet these days.
You are welcome! This “pen scam” example is pretty obvious, and the chickie was blatantly inexperienced in trying to sell… probably some young woman trying to make her commission. There’s nothing wrong with her trying to make $, but in my mind she should have started off legit to begin with… if she had started at $49 for 100, then discounted it, say, 15%, I might have bought them at $29 or whatever. But to start at $364? Geez! With places like amazon etc out there, all anyone has to do is search for “pens with my name printed on them” and you get thousands of search results…There are some really slick men and women out there who literally can sell ice to an Eskimo! I know as I have gotten caught in their web of deceit. I once bought some books and audio tapes (cassette, which gives my age away! ha) on how to better yourself to become a better salesman. I listened to the tapes and read the literature and it was decent. I learned some things… but it was not worth the $99 I paid for the stuff 25 years ago! And $99 was worth a lot more then, so I grossly overpaid for the stuff. But that’s life, isn’t it?? Live and learn, right?

Final Thoughts

You can see here that many people have had the unpleasant experience of hearing from the Fake Microsoft Scam. I am glad no one fell into the trap and had their, Identification stolen and had to go through the painful process of retrieving their information and straightening out their money and credit accounts. Not to mention how much it cost to repair a computer that has been damaged by spyware and viruses installed by the hackers when they do put that damaging junk software on your computer.
I will tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to learn how to avoid being scammed online.This little square can change your life today. Wealthy Affiliate, https://jobsover50.ca

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