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Welcome to EmpowerNetwork com Another MLM Rip-Off. Review

I will explain why I think Empowernetwork com is an MLM and a #rip-off.

Owners and top of the Pyramid since October of 2011 EmpowerNetwork Founders  David Wood and David Sharpe. 

The Cost to start your Kalatu blogging system is $25 per month and that is not a bad price, but you pay before you get a chance to sample the Empowernetwork.


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Viral Blogging Academy training $297.00

High Ticket Academy training $497.00 +

Internet Traffic Formula training $997.00

Costa Rica: Intensive Training Video $500.00

$15k Formula training: $1000.00

Masters Course training $3500.00

TOTAL= $6916.00+TAX

Total Spent if you really get brainwashed and have the extra( $6916.00 plus tax )  Six thousand sixteen dollars to spend.

Right at the beginning of the introduction video on the website David says You are not guaranteed to make any money from the Empowernetwork system, but they offer a money back guarantee. “SURE”Red Flag empowernetwork/ jobsover50.ca

I have been through the MLM mill before. Show the plan go to meetings buy tapes and books and training plans, spend lots of money, show all of your friends and then in the end, end up with nothing including¬†having your friends think you’re an idiot for bothering them with that dumb business idea.

Let me tell you Empowernetwork this is almost the same thing as Amway or Herbalife, except that they are selling websites and training systems so you can allegedly obtain the blogging, free yourself from the boss lifestyle.

The First thing you have to do is fall for the big dream (Big house, Nice car, Beach lifestyle) part. Then you get the Brainwashing part (Books audio downloads and tapes) that is so they can keep you interested and make you a great salesperson for Empowernetwork.

Mindset training  $100 For your money you get audio clips of people who also have been successfully #brainwashed by upline ownership to keep you motivated even if you have not accomplished anything from your website or network marketing efforts.

Viral Blogging Academy training $297.00 Is the training you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate for just $49 a month. To teach you how to get ranked high in the search engine results by using their copied website material.

High Ticket Academy $497.00 for 3 web seminars to train you to become a really slick multilevel marketer and get more money for the upline winners that conned you into buying this product. You will have to call your recruit to close the sale of this product.

Internet Traffic Formula $997.00 The same as what Wealthy Affiliate teaches about keywords and high rankings on the search engines included in the same $49 per month.

Costa Rica Intensive $500.00 for a Video seminar. All of Wealthy Affiliate seminars are live and free $0$ every weekend hosted by Jay our SEO seminar Guru.

$15k Formula training: $1000.00 More Recorded web-based seminars about and around using social media and advertising to drive recruits through your sales funnel to buy more of these high priced products that you will get at Wealthy Affiliate for your total of $49.00 a month!

Masters Course training $3500.00 More prerecorded Video from some of the really slick sales guys that have made big profits from people reaching for a dream, sold to them by the upline mentors showing how to sell the dream just like them. 

So what I telling you is, Don’t waste your grocery money, if you don’t want to get caught in a Multi-level marketing scheme. Stay FAR AWAY from Empowernetwork com it just an #upsell after upsell to make more for the top of the pyramid.

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