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 Build 2 Websites Free Starting Today Hosting Included how to

Build 2 Websites Free how to Start Today Hosting Included. 7 Day Free Trial. I am happy you landed on my build 2 websites free.

I am Dan and I was also looking for free websites, But free isn’t always the best way to go when building a website.

I was also looking to build 2 free websites to help me with my internet presence, in order to build an online marketing business.

My first attempt was on a blog hosted on one of Facebooks many off-shoot applications, the only problem with that is no one was reading and I did not have any training, I did not have the slightest idea of how to build 2 websites free.

Last year around Christmas holiday 2014, I began a website for my band. With the small amount I knew of website building, I began to copy and paste my way to fortune and fame. The band was doing amazingly well on the independent charts musically but, the website was not because of my lack of knowledge and training. The website was built on a well-known free website host, But the problem is you don’t get any help or training from them and the website is not free of fees.

Furthermore, if your website breaks down there was no help to fix it.

[Just a side note, the band broke up 2 weeks after making the website, so I ended up with all of the bills.]

 build 2 websites free


I will bet you are saying to yourself, why is this guy talking about himself and his inexperience?

I am telling you this so that you do not make the same mistakes I did because I wasted time and energy on something that I needed help and training with.

Now the company that I am about to tell you about is where I get all of the live training and help.

It is called by the name.


Wealthy Affiliate University is not your typical bait and switch company you will see on the internet. They are a community of 10,000’s of like-minded individuals and families out the learn the same thing.

How to Build a viable and lucrative web-based affiliate marketing business.

Bait and Switch? Not at Wealthy Affiliate.

I will tell you up front you will get a 1 week that is a seven-day free trial with training to build 2 websites free. After the seven days, you will decide for yourself if you wish to continue on with wealthy affiliate website training. You will then be offered a Premium Membership atThe Discounted starting price for the first month of $19. Then after that, your all in one cost is $47 per month plus tax depending on where you live.

Then there is the technology star of Wealthy Affiliate,

Jaaxy the premium keyword tool/ How To Build 2 Websites Free Hosting Included

What is JAAXY? The Most Advanced Keyword Tool Available

As part of your build 2 websites free introductory package. You will have the opportunity to use  Jaaxy the premium keyword research tool for 30 thirty keyword searches to help you get your website off to a fast start in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines on the internet.

Now more good stuff about The Wealthy Affiliate Online Community. These are just a few people in the community that I work with and communicate with each day. [Pictured below]How To Build 2 Websites Free Start Today Hosting Included, Network of people.

Kyle and Carson are the Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate and you can contact them at any time if you have any comments questions or concerns.

Kyle and Carson Co- Founders of Wealthy Affiliate/How To Build 2 Websites Free Hosting Included

KC is the Programming Chief. Aaron is the Technology Chief. Jay is the Live Training Chief. Along with a staff of twenty in the background making Wealthy Affiliate the best company on the internet for 10 years teaching people like you and me how to design and build 2 websites free to make real money on the internet.

More Good Stuff

We also have a 24 hours a day Live Chat component that is a large part of the community within Wealthy Affiliate, 24 twenty-four hours a Day! Around the clock and around the world. There will always be someone available to ask questions and get answers from on all topics relating to

There will always be someone available to ask questions and get answers from on all topics relating to build 2 websites free.

FREE TRAINING included in your subscription are 13+ classrooms, you will not pay for extra training modules. Live training with, Jay on Friday evenings.

Live training with, Jay on Friday evenings.

If you miss the live training, Jay will be recording each live training session and it will be available during the week for you to view in your free time while not working on your two free websites. Believe me, when I tell you, Kyles classes will keep you busy while you build 2 websites free.

Believe  me, when I tell you, Kyles classes will keep you busy while you build 2 websites free.

Online certification getting started banner,build 2 websites free

The first 10 Class modules (shown below) Include

10 class modules/ build 2 websites free

Here are a few Testimonials from our Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members

 Testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate / build 2 websites free

In addition to the Niche building section of Wealthy Affiliate, you can also use the affiliate training program including 13+ thirteen plus classrooms covering all of the information and all of the tools, banners and landing pages that have been provided to build your business around promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

This component is called BOOT CAMP
Boot Camp Banner/ build 2 websites free

Now if you did need more convincing here is another page you can go to read more testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Questions and Answers

So now let’s recap what I have been saying all through this page about the Wealthy Affiliate University Online Website Training Program

>Videos, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses.
>There are 13+ classrooms, with everything you need to learn to build you own niche related website.
>You also get access to JAAXY Keyword Tool
>Live & Interactive Help 24 hours a day.
>Build 2 websites free.
>State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting.
>Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires.
>A spam-free environment.

Now it is up to you if you want to Build 2 Websites Free.

I have given you all the information You need to make an informed decision all you have to do is.

Act Now build 2 websites free gif

Starter or Premium Package, build 2 websites free



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