Running ads on social media is not cheap.

Running ads on social media is not cheap.

Running ads on social media is not cheap.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube all have a price for targeted ads.

Where can you go to learn the technics?

You could spend a couple of years in college.

Spend hundreds of dollars on scams.

Try your Luck on your own.

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 Free Instant Live Help and Support

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If your website crashes you always have a member of the support team ready to solve the problem.

Free Private Messaging

There is a free internal private messaging system like email to communicate with other members privately.

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Magistudios Jay

Jaaxy The Free Keyword Research Tool

JAAXY is The World of Words and Keyword research that every online entrepreneur needs to find the best keywords to rank your web pages on the top search engines on the internet.


We are all here for the same reasons to have fun and learn how to build Websites and make your own ads.

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A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016


9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

Here is a list of  9 top free Anti-virus programs for 2016 available for computer PC and laptop users worldwide.

Since there is a ton of anti-virus programs out there, there is no reason not to have one of them on your computer, besides that most computers you can buy these days come preprogrammed with one already.

That doesn’t mean can’t use another one as a backup just in case you want to scan with a free online one that you don’t have to download.

If you do not get an anti-virus program preloaded here is a bunch that I know of that are available.

The Free Anti-virus List


Avast Logo/A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

AVAST Free for PC MAC and ANDROID applications. There are four levels of protection available FREE essential,  Pro Anti-virus Expert, Internet Security Advanced, Premier Complete.

AVG Logo/A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

AVG Free, Mac And Android as well as PC. This is a well-known scanner and has been around for may years. This scanner can take care of all your need as well as having a computer clean up feature.

Panda logo/ A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

Panda, Mac, Pc and Android.¬† Of course, you get the free version, but you can upgrade to Pro, Internet security, or Global protection. With 30 million plus users, you really can’t go wrong with Panda.


bitdefender logo/A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

BitDefender is good for PC MC and Mobile devices. Bit defender has 4 levels for home users and Three levels for business.

Comodo Antivirus Logo/ A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

Comodo Antivirus,, Can be used for PC, Mac, Android and Linux.

Microsoft logo/A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

MicrosoftWindows comes with its own free anti-virus software preprogrammed.

Avira Logo/A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

Avira Free Anti-virus works on Mac, PC, and Linux. They have been around for many years.

Baidu antivirus logo/ A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

Baidu Anti-virus Free anti-virus scan including cloud scan. The scanner claims to have identified over 851,744 pieces of malware and viruses per day.

fortinet logo/ A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

Forticlient is a free anti-virus and overall threat management tool.


You can try any or all of these antivirus programs for free. But of course if do try them do so at your own risk.

At own risk sign/A List of 9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016

I have read many reviews of different programs and as you know not all are perfect.


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Seasons Greetings From, December 24 2015.

Seasons Greeting. Hey is Santa coming tonight (Puggle Dog, Magnet) I have bee good all year.

 Seasons Greetings From

From all of here at

Have a safe and scam free Christmas and Holiday season that includes all of our friends from every country state and province, That have come to visit us this year.

It has been a good year for our website, Vistors are increasing and  hope that some have picked up a few tips along the way.

For all of you that have returned to visit a simple and humble thank you.

The best of health to you and all of your family around the world. Seasons Greetings.

Get together with you loved ones or if you can’t, find someone kind to share the day with.



BBB Scam Tracker Map

BBB Top ten scams of 2015/

The BBB, Better Business Bureau, Has come up with a new Scam tracker to fight back against Scams, Schemes, Con Games and Ripoffs.

Scams, Schemes, Con Games and Rip-Offs

This story has just been featured on CBC.CA, But I did it before them!!

If you have been scammed or heard of a scam in you area you can post it on Thier scam tracker page.¬† . I am sure it’s based in the USA, but I have looked at this page and it has also marked Canadian cities.

Ok, as I was saying there is a map with pins that have marked many towns and cities that currently have scams and cons running within them.

Some of the scams included are The IRS, CRA, Microsoft scam, Reduce your Credit Card interest scam, Home security systems Fraud, Spam Text, You have won a Free cruise, Government Grant Fraud, The tech line scam, Auto Insurance Rip-off, The Pay Day Loan,  Bank or Financial Institution Scams,  Work from Home scams,

Currently, there are over 4000 scam warnings pinned on the Scamtracker map.

Included in this post is the URL for the map. That is interactive so you can include a Fraud you have encountered in your own town or city. scam tracker map.

Links to pages within my website included on this page are.

The whole idea of this website is to entertain, Inform and educate. With an attempt to make you laugh. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and Reviews of the web-based¬† programs that I feel are frauds and scams so, with the help of The BBB’s new scam tracker map we can all avoid being scammed online by the hackers and fake job opportunities¬†being popped up on our screens, spamming us all hours of the day. With telephone and internet scams so easy to perpetrate our lives these days, The scam-tracker map will be very handy for everyone.

The secret has been exposed



I have been notified of a page on the web that has been posted by our friends at Symantec and it is called security_response.Norton by Symantec logo

2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 20


To start there is an overview¬†of all the viruses and malware that Symantec¬†has discovered this year so far. It’s posted on a regular basis by their global security team to make all web users aware of all the malware out on the internet.


Next is a List of 50 or more threats that is updated daily in the past month of all  the latest virus, worm, trojan and malware Threats that have been detected by the security team.


The risk page is accurate and up-to-date information on the latest security risks. A Risk is a threat that exploits a vulnerability that may cause harm to one or more assets. included are all of the adware, dialers, hackers tools, hoaxes just to mention a few.


Then is the Vulnerabilities page. This page explains in detail all of the points in your computers programs that are vulnerable to attack by hackers trying to steal or destroy information like bank account and credit card numbers and other numbers like social insurance and health card and insurance numbers.

Brightmail IQ Services

Next page is the spam protection section provided by Brightmail Security services. All the email is monitored for spam and malware  over the last 365 days. That includes malware, viruses, security risks, vulnerabilities, and spam. There is a sender IP lookup, Spam volume history chart, for the year. A chart for the type of spam called the spam lookup chart. A pie chart to show a percentage, of each spam category. They also have a section that show some of the blogs on the internet that are using celebrity deaths to spread spam.


The next section is the A-Z list of threats and risks updated daily but the Symantec team. There are over 1 Thousand different threats written up and updated daily.


I hope that this little bit of information will help you stay safe on the crazy internet. I have been hacked in the past, but that was because my security was down and needed updates. Now it is email, and other things that are hidden within them that create threats for me these days. Norton and Symantec have all of this covered and their team makes sure threat levels stay low because people know what is coming through the wires thanks to them.


What is Ransomware?

Watch this video for quick explanation from Norton

Norton by Symantec logo,, security_response

Top Ten Phone Scams

Top Ten Telephone scams!

Today I will show you the Top Ten phone scams you should avoid!telephone fraud

1.Reduce your Credit Card interest scam.

Because all they really want is to steal your personal information and then run up your credit by applying for other types of credit with your name and buying illegal items or to fund drug gangs and terrorism. Don’t give them a chance just hang up better yet if you don’t recognise the telephone number do not pick up the phone.
2.Home security systems Fraud.

The caller will try to frighten the victims by telling stories of break-ins in the neighbourhood that in turn forces the victims to pay for the service and gets charged a large fee. Generally these services don’t deliver much because they either don’t exist or they are far away from the victims home-town.

3. Spam Text.

You may receive a text from a fake friend telling you just won a large prize or trip. You then have to go to a website and to download a file which is Malware some type of Trojan Virus or Crypto locker virus. They may even ask you to fill out a form to claim the prize which entails you entering your personal information thus stealing some of your identity.


4. You have won a Free cruise.

This is a phishing scam in order to get your credit card number and they will ask you to pay taxes and fees on the phone. You won’t get anything from them but a big credit bill at the end of the month.

5. Government Grant Scam.

You get to pay a large processing fee to receive a grant of $500-$25000. They may ask for your bank account information don’t do it they will drain your bank account and probably apply for credit in your name and that would be a big mess for you the victim.

6.The Microsoft or also known as the tech line scam.

Scammers will call you up and tell you, you a have 200 viruses on your computer then ask you to give them remote access  to your computer and then put the virus on your computer and charge you a couple of hundred dollars to remove it.

7. Auto Insurance Scam.

The scam is intended to once again not only steal your money, but your personal identification. The scammer tells you that you’re eligible for a lower¬†insurance rate. If they don’t know your name then hang up.

8. The Pay Day Loan

The claim is that you owe money on a payday loan and you are in arrears with this company. They threaten legal action and even try to scare you into paying them the money  by telling you they will call the Police.

9. The CRA or IRS Scam.

You get a call from a scam artist claiming to be from the government tax office and you owe back taxes and huge penalty fees. They demand payment, but if you have to pay via wire transfer like Western Union or money orders, credit cards then hang up because it’s a fake and they are just trying to steal your money and in some cases even your personal information.

10. Bank or Financial Institution Scams.

Your scammer calls and tells you  they are from the bank and then informs you your bank card/ accounts have been suspended and you need to verify your account numbers and other banking details. Friday afternoon seems to be the day for this scam because it is the weekend and a seems to be the worst day for something like this to make it a miserable weekend for most people.

Friday afternoon seems to be the day for this scam because it is the weekend and  seems to be the worst day for something like this to happen makes it miserable, for most people in a big hurry to get home for the weekend.

This has been The Top Ten Phone scams

Source material:


This little square can change your life today. Wealthy Affiliate


How to Avoid Event Ticket Scamsticket scam

¬†–¬†Avoid buying tickets from Anonymous¬†sellers on Craigslist.

–¬†When buying tickets from online sellers do not use Western Union or Paypal because the scammers like to use them, you pay and do not get tickets in return.

When possible buy from Ticketmaster or Stubhub that way you know your ticket purchase is legitimate.   

Make sure the $price$ you are looking at is not drastically different from the others offered for the same event.

Always try to meet the seller at the venue where the event is taking place.

When you buy from scalpers take their¬†picture and if they won’t agree to the picture walk away from the transaction.

Have you tickets that you purchased from an online seller verified at the venue or at the box office that can perform the service for you.

Be wary if the seller is in a big rush to sell the tickets this could be a sign that the transaction is going to end up badly and you get ripped off for hundreds, sometimes thousands of your hard earned dollars.

E-tickets are easily copied so be careful purchasing from online sellers because if your tickets are one of the hundreds copied you will not be granted entry to the venue and thus again get ripped off.

Don’t buy presale tickets from scalpers because if they have someone else’s name on the ticket you will be denied¬†entry and lose your money.


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Ok, So You Got Scammed Online. Now What?

  1. Turn off that computer and do not use it until you have a Legitimate computer ¬†technician go over it and pull all of the little nasty’s like trojans, crypto locker viruses and malware off of your system. Because if that hacker has not crashed your computer’s operating system he probably has installed a little surprise on there for you to open and ruin your computer.
  2. Did you let anyone remotely access your computer? If they did that remote program is still in running the background trying to steal your bank account and credit card numbers as well as all of your passwords so they can use it to buy stuff with your money.
  3. Did you say that you paid them with a credit card? You can call the credit company and make a stop payment on the transaction and you can also track the scammer down so you can notify the authorities. But first make sure you have that card and it’s number and password canceled so the criminals don’t have access to any more of your money. Do not forget you only have a small span of time to cancel the transactions and notify the banks and credit companies of this fraudulent activity.
  4. Do not forget to change all of the passwords for all of the accounts that you access from your computer. That way the remote access programs can not pull out your information and drain all of your money from your bank and other financial institutions.
  5. Finally but most important always have a good antivirus scanner installed on your computer system and or network. the antivirus system is usually your first line of defense against Malware and Hackers attempt to take over your computer. I am Running McAfee right now and We have used Bitdefender and Norton Antivirus. They are all very effective antivirus software and have different levels of pricing and protect all sectors of your computer and other devices that you may own.

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