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Overall Ranking:  AdsPlusTraffic com Review / Two out of Ten 2/10
Price: Free member fee and if you use the PRO Membership the upsell is $27

Rating ** of 10

Adsplustraffic com

Graham Lee
President and CEO

Website: adsplustraffic com/


AdsPlustraffic com is a free-ads banner link membership website. The whole thing sounds to me like a Multilevel Marketing system of sorts. The Whole system is set up for you to post banners and ads on your website and From email, sent to you from them to read and pass along like spam to other people you don’t really know. You operate on a points system to join and each ad you read, click, and referrals. You get to post once a day and get paid six dollars for each referral you sign up in the club. By joining the pro membership section, you pay twenty-seven dollars and point system is higher you can post Five times per day and each referral you get is Fifteen dollars. The only problem I have is and what raises a red flag for me there is two different pay level posted for premium referrals¬†one of ten Dollars $10 and fifteen dollars $15.Red Flag


The Whole idea of  Ads Plus traffic com is to bring more traffic to your website and to others. It is paid traffic which in all is not bad, but there are only 559 members in the club since the website was put online in the year 2011. You can only sign up with one account. You, will receive TEN emails a day from the admin of AdsPlustraffic com plus banner ads stuffed into the emails that are required reading to compile points that you get paid on thru your PayPal account.

Who can I recommend this program for and Why?

AdsPlusTraffic com is recommended for website administrators who would like some extra traffic to view their website. The only problem is there is no support system built into this program, I can be witness to that! But if you need fake clicks and people spamming your website this is the one for you, Otherwise I give AdsPlusTraffic com? a big REJECTED stamp!

/Rejected not Recommended by

I applied for this program September 17, 2015, Six hours ago and have not received a reply from the owners or the administrators or sponsors as how to begin my amazing new money making, opportunity. Just fill out this form and you can join for free too. Training and tools

So far I¬†have not been invited into the Adsplustraffic com¬†program, I can’t tell you if there is a training and tools section and at this point I am beginning to beleave that ¬†this is just a money grab scam.


Price to Join this amazing Ads Plus opportunity is Free but the automatic upsell to PRO is TwentySeven Dollars.

Final Verdict of AdsplusTraffic com

  1. in my personal opinion is a Fraud.
  2. The price of Ads Plus Traffic com is inconsistent since there is more than one price for the premium level.
  3. There is no one contacting me or a welcoming email.
  4. Since I am not being contacted, I will not be able to start training in order to begin making money with Ads Plus
  5. I don’t see any way of making any money with ads plus so you will not be wasting any time or money on this spam scam!

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