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Founded; 2007

Price: Free $0 is internet based affiliate marketing program. When you Join you are required to complete several free offers from fortune 500 companies in order to compile points towards your free membership.

This enables you to use¬†’s affiliate links to promote the program to recruit/refer other people into the ¬† business funnel.

So what you are doing is duplicating an upline system in which, the guy at the top gets a piece of everyone’s¬†money who joins the¬† program.

This system is also known as an upside down pyramid. is legal and legitimate. recommended with reservation also claims to have paid out over Five million dollars  $5,000,000 in prizes and rewards since the companies inception in 2007.

 4. Components of has four components and it is totally duplicatable.

  1. ¬†ZNZ One you will have to complete one free trial to complete level one to qualify to begin using¬†¬†’s marketing system to earn your rewards and get paid.
  2.  ZNZ Two is the same as  ZNZ one except you must complete two free offers to begin the marketing of your affiliate business and the bonus money gets larger.
  3.   ZIPNADAZILCH Big Cash is not free and the offers can cost more than ten dollars $10 but, your bonus payouts are larger.

4. Affiliate Links Marketing system

When you complete the offers within  ZIPNADAZILCH you can begin to use their affiliate links to promote ZNZ to other prospective recruits/referrals and begin to make money from them as more people join the network and start completing the free offers presented by the fortune 500 companies.

Your bonuses are paid to LLC then are passed down the line according to the level you are at and the number of recruits/referrals that you can accumulate under you as you promote the  ZNZ marketing system.


Since Zipnadazilch is not a get rich quick business system and you won’t make a whole bunch of money until you promote for hours and spend time talking to your recruits/referrals. You will have to teach them how to make money from¬†Zipnadazilch.

Another bad thing is every review you read for ZNZ is the same, as in duplicated content.

The Google crawlers won’t give high rankings for copied content.

So if you are planning on promoting on the internet you better have something original to say about ZNZ or your review will be lost in the hundreds of other reviews that have already been copied and placed on the internet.

Forums that I have researched to write this article/review were all very similar.

Pros of Zipnadazilch

The pros of ¬†ZIPNADAZILCH are very apparent you can build a network of ¬†recruits/referrals and make money from them joining your network even if they don’t¬†make any money for themselves because, every level up that you sign up for the higher the bonus¬†and commission¬†level is for you.

All the content on ZNZ is pre-written for you if you wish to use their automated system included in the free website which, is provided to you as a member of Zipnadazilch.

ZNZ would be good for people that want to make a little extra cash on the side as a supplement to a full or part-time job. ZNZ may be good for stay at home Moms and Dads, Seniors and Shut-ins. Even Older Teens can use ZNZ to make some small pocket cash.

I will recommend Zipnadazilch with Reservations for the reason: I do not believe in this system as a stand-alone way to make money and for the design of the business model. {Passing the money up the line}

recommended with reservation

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