Don't buy 30 day change,

30 Day Change is a Scam Today & Every Day

Dan admin@ jobs over 50 dot c a, 30 day change scam,

30 Day Change is Scam today and every day

Overall Ranking:  I read 19 reviews and 16 of them were negative, only 3 reviewers found a positive result from 30 Day Change Scam, Binary traders program and those who had some success where probable Planted and paid to do positive comments on a total rip off scam. Fail

My overall ranking  FAIL it is a scam.

one out of ten,

Rejected Stamp,

Price: They say it is free on the Landing page video, but the minimum deposit amount is $250. If you run out of money by making bad trades there is no refund. So in the long run or short run which this SCAM seems to be a very short run. It is a  lose+lose=$0.00  

Owner: Simon Crane ( Great Britain )


INTRODUCTION: The 30 day Change Binary Trade program Claims to Pay The trading partners 97% of profit, of the trades made while taking only 3% for the business owners. They trade stocks on overseas stock markets. I guess you can say it is Day trading on an extremely risky level.

PROS: I do not see any pros in losing money as far as I am concerned you may as well go to the closest casino or horse track and drop your money on the floor and walk away because it is pretty much the same effect, since 30 day change has an affiliate marketing concept you can also make money from unsuspecting people as you use their catchy video page to bring them into the rip-off opportunity.

I say this because most of these Binary trading programs time and again changed the algorithms so that you will lose the first $250 investment. That money will go straight back to the brokerage as a fee to put into their pockets. You rarely win a trade.

30 day change is A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

CONS: YOU will lose all of the money you invest, but if you make money it is very difficult to get it out and put it back in your own pocket.

WHO IT IS FOR: For people that this company catches at a moment of weakness thinking that they can make a fast buck. Gamblers who have the money to burn. Gullible people who have not done the research before spending hard earned money and People who still believe in the tooth fairy.

TRAINING/TOOLS: From what I can see there is not a real concrete training system. I watched a video of a guy who was winning at 60-second trades, but that was a 90-second video, and the rest of the videos were actors hired to do positive reviews for this SCAM.

SUPPORT: From what I have read the only support you get is from the brokerage that you call to top up your account with more money, so you can GAMBLE more and put more in their pocket.

PRICE: Free to sign up, but trades start with a minimum of $250. And if you lose your money will have to put more in just to start over,[ as if you have not already learned a hard lesson].

FINAL OPINION/VERDICT: 30-day change is a 30-day SCAM and if you are not careful it could become the  worst addiction you could possibly imagine.

Hundreds of new Binary trade systems start up every month.

Does that make you wonder why? It’s because it is a fast money maker for all of the guys who write the code and put the system online.


Don't buy 30 day change/

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9 thoughts on “30 Day Change is a Scam Today & Every Day”

  1. I got this web page from my buddy who shared with me regarding this site and now this time I am browsing this site and reading very informative content here.

  2. Hey Dan, thanks for the info on 30 Day Change. I’ve dipped my toes in the stock market, but not before I did extensive research. This program doesn’t sound very promising and that $250 minimum investment is ridiculous.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thank you, Diana. By the way, that is my wife’s name as well. The Binary trading business intrigues me, I am not sure if I want to try it out or not. I know from all reviews that that one is not good, but there are others that may be showing some promise. I do know that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam and will help you to learn how to make money online it is up to you how hard you want to work on learning how to do it for yourself.

  3. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for doing a review on this. There are so many companies out there that are scamming people with these online binary trading platforms. It is unfortunate that they are so good at using the right psychological triggers to get good people to give them their money. Is this an affiliate program like the others where your first $250 pays the affiliate marketer?


    1. Thank you Christine, I see you have done some research on 30dc. I think that the affiliate will do well, but the scam will quickly get a bad name and then disappear just like all the other new Binary trading systems that seem to pop up on a daily basis.

  4. I have never heard of this program but I have heard of Binary Trading. Nothing that I have heard is good. You did a good job reviewing this. Lots of good information. I also like that you give a option for those looking to make a legitimate living online with =>Wealthy Affiliate.<=

    1. Hi, Charley Thanks for coming back and reading my Page about 30-day change, I did the research on 30DC and found out that companies like this are just a money funnel for the brokerage and owners of the websites. It is not a good investment and a waste of money. i recommend building a website and starting your own affiliate marketing business. With the help of =>Wealthy Affilaite<= You can do it.

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