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First thing first. You’re looking for work because of downsizing, Layoffs, Plant closings, You couldn’t stand the workplace or workmates maybe even your BOSS, or maybe…… You want to work at HOME I can help you in getting started.

I personally am self-employed and have been for many years.

"if you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs.

Finding Work or Jobs over 50.

You have to figure out what type of work you think you will Like to do if you can find it!


Then there’s making a resume boy isn’t that fun. You can find lots of people in your town to help you out with the typing and formatting of your resume. There are free forums on the internet you can use to find work and post your name and hope you can get some replies. They usually have some $cost to them. But they can help getting started.

Leg Work.

Legwork is actually going out and placing your resume’s at stores, Shops and Factories. Some places of business won’t even take resume’s these days. Temporary services do all the work of finding employees for many companies.

Getting Hired for jobs over 50.

Ok, you’ve Figured out what you want to do, Made and typed and photocopied the resume, You’ve done all the legwork. Now you wait for the calls to help getting started.

Finally, you get a call or two and a few interviews and your still not guaranteed a job. Even if you get a job you are going to start at minimum wage. With the economy these days you will have a tough time on your own unless you were set up well by that plant closure. Like many of the people, I know Ha Ha!


I can help you get started in your own business.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Has a turn key Full training system with a one week $FREE$ Trial Offer for YOU!

NO OBLIGATIONS!!!! Let Me Show How you getting started.

Please leave a comment or suggestion. I will return your message.

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